Paws on the Green

We have been to Paws on the Green, an event organised by Rose Builders in Lawford today. As well as our fantastic Ambassadors kennel dogs Jet (Whizzy Jet) and Dudley (Bubbly Dudley) came along. Both boys did extremely well given it was their first day out at such an event.Arthur was there for his first event as a Greyhound Ambassador and did us all proud by coming 3rd in the most handsome dog competition.

Wonder at Home

We have had news of Wonder (Balinvana Wonder)She is now called Wendy has settled in well and has made friends with her house mate Bouncer who is looking after her and is showing her the ropes.
She has discovered stairs but only how to climb up and not down, bless her she had to be carried back down in a blanket! She has also realised just how beautiful she is having discovered a mirror she spends ages admiring her image.

We Try Again!

We have organised our first walk of 2021, on 13th August. Barring a total lock down we absolutely will not be cancelling this one!
All meet at the Community Hall Stutton at 7pm for an evening walk to Alton Water or for those who prefer a shorter walk around the local footpaths of Stutton.
Tea, Coffee and Cakes will be served in the hall at the end of the walk.
We just can’t wait to see you all.
We will also be taking part in a fundraising walk on September 12th but full details of this walk hosted by one of our generous supporters who has pledged a £5 donation for every dog taking part will appear shortly.

Sleep Well Spring

It is with great sadness we have to announce that following a short illness Spring (Gulvins Luck) has crossed the bridge aged 12 and a half.Spring was the sweetest of dogs, popular with everyone. She attended many of our Meet and Greet sessions and enjoyed our monthly walks.Always immaculately dressed and with impeccable manners she was a truly wonderful ambassador for her fellow Greyhounds.As well as being an ambassador Spring also helped the shy dogs with her calm and gentle way, she reassured them that the big wide world was nothing to fear.Our hearts go out to Springs family and we thank them for the wonderful retirement Spring enjoyed with them, we know she was loved beyond measure.The horrible thing about this awful pandemic is that we haven’t seen our precious retired dogs for so long and sadly won’t see some of them again, it’s heart breaking.Sleep well dear Spring and thank you for all you did for us and your fellow Greyhounds. You will never be forgotten. xx

Beautiful Spring with her friend Jack

A Special Appeal for Lacey

Our Kings Lynn branch are seeking a home for a dear little girl called Lacey.
Lacey has been in a home but has been returned because she suffers from separation anxiety. She is 6 years old, very friendly, walks well on her lead and despite her separation anxiety she is clean in the house.
Ideally Lacey would benefit from a home with another Greyhound or with a family who have the time and the willingness to work with Lacey to help her overcome her fears.
If you would like to know more about Lacey or would like to meet her please contact Debbie on 07944578125 or email

Monks Eleigh Fete

Finally we managed to attend an event! We were welcomed at the Monks Eleigh fete on Saturday afternoon. Kennel dogs Whizzy Dosser and Swift Lettuce came along. Dosser is hoping the lady who wants to adopt him will pass the home check. Lettuce is not up for homing but we thought we would give him a day out because he has been such a brave little Soldier after injuring his leg.Let’s hope things are slowly returning to normal. We are intending to hold an evening walk in August come what may.

June Walk Cancelled

Unfortunately due to Governments delay in relaxing restrictions we are having to cancel the June 27th walk.Disappointed doesn’t come close! We are so sorry, we were really looking forward to seeing you all.We will organise an evening walk in July assuming all restrictions are lifted by then.

Mover moves on

We are so pleased to tell you that following the heartbreak of loosing their beloved Julie (Liberal Julie) Julie’s family have been to kennels today with Beano (Burgess Beano) and taken home Mover (Kingsmill Mover).
Beano was so lost without Julie.
Mover is probably one of the sweetest but most shy little dogs we have ever known but Beano and family liked her and she liked them.
Thank you Beano and family for seeing beyond Mover’s shy start and giving her the lovely home she so richly deserves and in which we know she can thrive.