New dogs!

We have said goodbye to Blaze and Finale this week and we wish them well in their new homes.
Their kennels weren’t empty for long because we have had new arrivals.  Meet Enzo, Bertie and Woody on our homeless hounds page.  We also have Devon who went home a few weeks ago but has decided she would really like a home where she doesn’t have to share her family’s affections with another dog.


Here is Kim relaxing in her new home.  Kim only went home on Saturday and she is settling in well.  She has been busy learning about all sorts of things including  other breeds of dogs, horses and the joy of having squirrels in the garden.  She is getting on well with her friend who isn’t a greyhound and nowhere near as tall as her.  She thinks it’s funny that he can walk underneath her!

Felixstowe walk

Huge thanks to walk leader Mark and to the warden, Chris, for making today’s walk possible. A crisp, bright day saw 75 greyhounds/lurchers and 6 of their canine friends walk around the nature reserve. Thanks to all the well behaved hounds and owners for your company, we hope you enjoyed as much as we did. You can see more photos on our facebook page.

Kennel dog Keith enjoyed his morning out from kennels – does anybody have room on their sofas for this handsome fella?

Update on Diva

Here is recently homed Diva enjoying a trip to her local.  Diva is settling in well in her new home. She has learned all about other breeds of dogs and is now learning that it is o.k to be left at home on her own for a little while.  Diva absolutely loves people and so at first being on her own was a bit of a worry for her but now she is confident that her family will always come back she is coping much better.

Ardleigh Car Boot Sale

We had a successful morning at the boot sale this morning.  We were ably assisted by kennel dogs Jose and Toby and homed dogs Massey, Davey, Dan and Spring.  Thanks to Brian and Gill for donating the items for sale and to everybody who helped on the stall, visited us or made donations.
You can see photos from this event on our Facebook page.