One in and one out

This weekend we said farewell to the lovely Whizzy Wonder as he went off to his forever home. He is going to live with a stunningly beautiful Deerhound. Whizzy Woo was an absolute pleasure to have in kennels and we wish him all the very best.
We also welcomed Harry Brown this week. Our latest hound to be waiting for his forever home you can read all about him on our Homeless Hounds page.

Morrison’s Dovercourt

Many thanks to the Customers and Staff of Morrison’s Dovercourt for the wonderful welcome we received today. Once again we were overwhelmed by your generosity and kind words. Kennel dogs Noah and Eske ably assisted by our Greyhound Ambassadors Spring, Toby and Chico enjoyed meeting everyone. A fantastic £266.57 was donated for which we are truly grateful.

Dasher and Oscar Go Home

Good news for Dasher and Oscar who went off to their forever homes this weekend. We will miss their cheery little faces at kennels but wish them well and hope to see them both soon.

Felixstowe Triangle

Thank you to everyone who came along to meet us at the Felixstowe Triangle on Saturday and for the generous donations of £90.64. Well done to our Greyhound Ambassadors and to Ruby Roo. who came along to see us

Great Global Greyhound Walk

65 Sight hounds and 5 of their companions joined us for our walk in Woodbridge today. We welcomed Andy Gillan Head of Welfare at Head Office and Justin and Gemma who are adopting Fabia at the end of the month. Kennel dog Janet joined us and endeared herself to all

Greaves Needs a New Home

This is what Greaves family have to say about him.

“Due to no fault of his own and purely a change in personal circumstances, Greaves requires a new forever home”.

“Greaves has come a long way since we adopted him in September 2018. He is fully house trained and has been trained to a great level. He responds well to recall (within a closed area) and is able to react to sit, come, wait and bed! He has such a great personality and is at his best when socialising with people and able to live by his routine. This means that he will suit owners who are around for majority of the day. At times he can be nervous in new environments / with new people and can be spooked easily, however with time and commitment we believe this will improve as it has since we adopted him. He is affectionate and loves nothing more than a cuddle on the sofa as you can see by his pictures! He also loves a cuddly squeeky toy and we’re now able to play with Greaves in small doses as he can get over-excited / stimulated at times. If you have the time and love to give Greaves then you’ll be rewarded with the most fantastic, loving and loyal pet. We will forever miss Greaves but know that he’ll thrive in the right environment where his owners are able to give him what he needs and where he is centre of all attention! ”

We feel Greaves may benifit from an adult home.

Danny Goes Home

Great news for Danny! Danny went home on Thursday with Happy Jacks family who were absolutely heart broken when Jack was taken so suddenly and so young. Coincidentally Danny and Happy Jack have the same Daddy. Danny will also be one of our Greyhound Ambassadors. Thank you to Jack’s family for giving the lovely Danny a second chance of happiness. Have fun Danny Boy see you soon. xx

Beagle Goes Home

Today we saw Beagle go off to his forever home. We will be seeing lots more of this happy and affectionate boy because his parents are going to become Volunteers and Beagle is going to be a Greyhound Ambassador. Be happy Sweetheart.