Homing Updates

We have had updates from three of our lovely homed hounds.
Luka (Drumcrow Sherpa) made a New Years resolution to spend more time with his family in the sitting room. This shy lad had been spending most of his time upstairs except for play time and meal times. Well done to Luka’s family, your patience and kindness have paid off. He just needs to learn it’s ok to do wee wees on a walk now!
Danny (Listen Danny) Who was a terribly shy lad is now letting his cheeky personality shine through. He is turning into a Magpie, hoarding all manner of things in his bed. Everything from socks to remote controls. His family say they are totally in love with him.
Rumble (Romeo Rumble) Has learnt to go up and down stairs and takes ownership of the bed for his daytime snooze. He is great out on walks when he meets other dogs. His family say taking him home was the best thing they ever did.

A Major Step Forward

When Major arrived just a couple of weeks ago he was a shy lad who took his lead from his then kennel mate Evie. Over the next few days he came out of his shell and was happy to greet you at the front of the kennel. We were a little worried for him when his friend Evie went to her forever home but we needn’t have been, he has come on leaps and bounds and spent a lovely afternoon with Lottie the Lurcher yesterday. They had great fun in the paddocks together and exploring the grounds, paying particular attention to the rabbit warrens!

When Roger met Sam

Following on from last weeks introduction to Lottie the Lurcher Roger (Coolleagh Recruit) met Sam the Labrador today. What a great success that was. Roger although curious, behaved extremely well and after some distanced parallel walking joined Sam in sniffing around the grounds and eventually each other. Roger is such a good lad on his lead, you hardly know you have got him.Well done Roger for coping so well and well done Sam the Labrador for doing a sterling job on his first assignment as a stooge dog.Once again Roger is wearing his muzzle as a precaution which is always sensible on initial introductions.

An Appeal for Robbie

We are looking for a nice quiet adult only home for Robbie (Racing name Droopys Firmino).Robbie has been with us for a while having been returned twice from two loving and caring families because he was finding busy family life overwhelming.Since being returned Robbie has been cared for by our Volunteer foster family in heir own home.They have been taking Robbie out and about with them (as much as current restrictions allow) getting him used to the car, traffic and busy spaces.Below are their observations regarding Robbie• He soon got used to the car and settles down very quickly, but for obvious reasons we have only done short journeys.• He likes being out in the garden and has spent some time in the greenhouse, having learned it’s a bit warmer in there.• He enjoys having a fuss made of him, but rarely seeks affection. We make the approach to him.• He loves the sofa, but also uses his bed on the floor.• His love of food makes it easy to train him by using treats. He is extremely gentle and has never snatched food.• He is quite playful and enjoys throwing soft toys around the room.• Given the opportunity, he has taken things he shouldn’t. If I leave the downstairs loo door open he will go in there and snaffle the spare toilet roll, for example. However, as soon as we realise he has got something he shouldn’t, we take it off him and there is never a fuss, growl or grumble.• Not necessarily a positive, but he hasn’t bothered about trying to get up the stairs.• He is a quick learnerIn addition to the above Robbie has met various breeds of dog and has behaved well around them, tending to stay close to his foster family.When he first went home, he would wake up very early for a toilet break but he is getting up later everyday now.Robbie really is the sweetest dog. If you think you could offer him a home please get in touch.Our thanks go to Robbie’s foster family and to retired Greyhounds Flossy, Arthur, Gangster, May and Tony who along with their families have been helping Robbie on this journey.
Please see Robbie’s profile page for more photos of him.

A Sad Farewell

It is with the heaviest of hearts that as this rotten year is drawing to a close we must tell you that Mickey (Fleetwood Royal) has sadly been put to sleep. Dear Mickey was just five years old and his family are heartbroken.Mickey became a bit lethargic a couple of weeks before Christmas but the Vets could find nothing wrong. However he became very ill on Christmas Eve and was referred to Dick White’s in Newmarket where he was admitted to the Intensive care unit for a few days with aspirational pneumonia. Despite the very best efforts of the Veterinary team Mickey was too poorly and sadly had to be put to sleep.His family say “We are very sad, he was a lovely dog who was part of our family and we will miss him a lot. Our two other dogs Lottie and Ralph are adjusting to a life without MickeyMickey is irreplaceable but we loved having a greyhound in our lives and would like to consider rehoming another greyhound” Our hearts go out to Mickey’s lovely family, we thank them for the happy and loving home they gave Mickey and when they feel the time is right we will look forward to welcoming them to kennels to choose another friend for Lottie and Ralph.Sleep well dear Mickey, you were truly a gentleman of a dog and you will be much missed on our walks.xxx

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone. Drumalee Teddy has been given the best Christmas present ever, he is going to his forever home on the 27th.He is happy to wait until then because he is looking forward to tucking into his Christmas dinner and some of the lovely treats that have been donated.
Have a good day everyone.
From all at Dillymore Kennels and Greyhound Trust Suffolk

Thank you So Much

Thank you to all who have supported us throughout the year Whether that is through Virgin Money Giving, Just Giving, donations in memory of loved ones, money in lieu of wedding or birthday presents, and donations just because you thought of us. Thanks also to those who have supported us in other ways by making things for us to sell, donating goodies for the dogs at Christmas and last but by no means least those who have taken one of our hounds to their hearts and their home. As many of you may know we have been self funding since March, this means we have been paying all kennel and Vet bills, buying all worm and flea treatments, collars, leads, muzzles and grooming / first aid equipment from our branch funds. So in whatever way you have managed to help us this year Thank you, as always we are truly grateful.

Harry Goes Home

We are so pleased to announce that today Harry (Windsor Knot) was the 100th Greyhound we have homed in 2020.

Our thanks go to Team Dillymore who allowed us to continue to operate and home our dogs even during both lock downs. We quite simply would not have homed half as many without their unstinting support or without the emotional and financial help of our wonderful supporters, that’s you guys and the racing owners. A huge thank you to you all. We love what we do but it’s all of you that make it possible.

Romeo Rumble

Great news for Romeo Rumble, he went off to his forever home on Tuesday.He is settling in well and has eaten all his dinners, no surprise there Rumble has always loved his Din Dins. He has been on walks and met other dogs and has behaved well around them. He has explored the house and garden and so far is taking everything in his stride even though he was a bit nervous of the tv to start with. His family say he is a joy to have.Well done Rumble we do hope you will stay in touch.xx

Rebel Goes Home

Great news for Millbank Rebel who went home ysterday. We are really hoping things work out for him this time. He has got off to a flying start. He is eating and sleeping well, enjoying his walks and loving the sofa.