Freddie Goes Home

Excellent news for the fabulous Freddie (Shaneboy Freddie). He went off to his forever home yesterday. After lots of goodbye kisses from us he trotted off happy as can be to start the next chapter in his little life.Good luck Freddie we will miss you loads xxx

A Special Appeal

This is a special appeal for our longest stayer Taylor.

Taylor whose racing name is Bramble Taylor is 6 years old and  apart from a very brief spell in a home has been with us since August 2019

When Taylor arrived, we soon learnt that he had an aversion to small dogs.  However, this is something his Volunteer Ness has been working through with him.

The progress Taylor has made has been remarkable.  He has spent many weekends and sometimes weeks with Ness learning about other dogs as well as all aspects of home life.

This is what Ness has to say about him “He is a lovely boy who I affectionately call Tayls.  He is housetrained, affectionate, loyal, loving, playful. A quick learner and bright.  He enjoys his walks, travels well, but is also a bit lazy.  He just adores people and wants to be friends with everyone.  I feel he needs a human, couple or family who will be at home most of the time or are able to include him in most outings, who will enjoy playing with him daily and give him lots of love and attention with him being the only pet in the household.

If you think you may be able to offer Taylor a home please get in touch.
UPDATE 02/11/20 Great news! Taylor went off to his forever home yesterday.

Chapo and Matty

More happy endings! Today Matty (Teddy Bear Matty) and Chapo (Miss Chappo) went off to their forever homes.Matty’s dreams came true when he was told earlier in the week that his favourite Volunteer Fiona would be taking him home for good.Chapo has gone home with the lovely Noah (Glowing Noir) who we homed a while ago.Good luck and much love to both xx


We have an update on Becky (Bulmers Enigma). She has settled in really well and is adored by her owner who says Becky has made such a difference to her life. Lovely outcome for this cheerful little girl who we all adored at kennels.

Bullet Goes to the Woods

Yesterday we took Bullet out of kennels for the first time. Being a shy lad we thought he might find our usual route a little overwhelming and so took him to some quiet woods with Lottie the Lurcher and Archie the pesky puppy for company. We needn’t have worried because with his new friends by his side Bullet was far more confident than we had ever imagined he could be. He even got excited and wagged his tail a lot when he met some children.

Donald and Freddie

Yesterday we went on our weekly gad about the village ending up at Bypass Nurseries and the Bluebell Cafe. It was Freddie (Shaneboy Freddie) and Donald’s (Swift Impeach) turn to have an afternoon out. Both boys traveled well in our cars, walked beautifully on their leads, ignored a small fluffy dog and were well behaved throughout.Donald was a little wary of the traffic and was generally a little shy but he is hardly a man of the world, he is only 2.On the other hand 7 year old Freddie has now been renamed Steady Freddie! What a lovely affectionate and confident lad he is. He was great with the nice little children and their Grandmother who we met in the garden centre, both boys enjoyed a stroke but Freddie was right in there for a lean!

Freddie in Yellow Donald in Red