We have an update on Becky (Bulmers Enigma). She has settled in really well and is adored by her owner who says Becky has made such a difference to her life. Lovely outcome for this cheerful little girl who we all adored at kennels.

Bullet Goes to the Woods

Yesterday we took Bullet out of kennels for the first time. Being a shy lad we thought he might find our usual route a little overwhelming and so took him to some quiet woods with Lottie the Lurcher and Archie the pesky puppy for company. We needn’t have worried because with his new friends by his side Bullet was far more confident than we had ever imagined he could be. He even got excited and wagged his tail a lot when he met some children.

Donald and Freddie

Yesterday we went on our weekly gad about the village ending up at Bypass Nurseries and the Bluebell Cafe. It was Freddie (Shaneboy Freddie) and Donald’s (Swift Impeach) turn to have an afternoon out. Both boys traveled well in our cars, walked beautifully on their leads, ignored a small fluffy dog and were well behaved throughout.Donald was a little wary of the traffic and was generally a little shy but he is hardly a man of the world, he is only 2.On the other hand 7 year old Freddie has now been renamed Steady Freddie! What a lovely affectionate and confident lad he is. He was great with the nice little children and their Grandmother who we met in the garden centre, both boys enjoyed a stroke but Freddie was right in there for a lean!

Freddie in Yellow Donald in Red

Farewell Film Star

Yesterday we said farewell to Film Star. He has really fallen on his 4 paws. He has gone to live with a family who sadly lost their dogs Bonnie ans Storm within weeks of each other.This lovely lad is sure to mend their broken hearts.

News of Joe

We have had news of Joe (Private Joebies). All is going well and this is what his family say about him.”He has settled in so well; the runny poo was better the following day as you expected, he eats and drinks well, comes to all of us for lots of fuss and LOVES walks (certainly knows that when we go to the cupboard under the stairs, it means walkies).”So pleased Joe is happy and in a lovely home, he is a smashing lad.

Bye Bye Dosser

It may have been a grey and miserable day but nothing could dampen Whizzy Dosser’s spirits.This fun and bouncy boy went off to his forever home today. We wished him lots of luck and sent him on his way with so much love. Bless him.

Happy Birthday Matty

Happy birthday to kennel dog Matty (Teddy Bear Matty)Matty had a lovely day with his Volunteer Fiona. He enjoyed a quiet country walk and a special birthday meal of steak and chicken. Thanks to Fiona for spoiling Matty on his special day.

September Walk Cancelled

Despite the fact that everyone who attended our last walk at Shotley in August acted sensibly and within the then government Covid – 19 guidelines we are forced to cancel our September walk at Hollesley because we cannot find a way around the 6 people rule.We are so sorry to all who had intended to come along but the last thing we would want apart from anybody falling ill is for anybody to face a fine.Disappointed doesn’t come close but we will organise another walk just as soon as we are legally allowed. In the meantime we send good wishes to you all and thank you for the fantastic support you all give us.