September Walk Cancelled

Despite the fact that everyone who attended our last walk at Shotley in August acted sensibly and within the then government Covid – 19 guidelines we are forced to cancel our September walk at Hollesley because we cannot find a way around the 6 people rule.We are so sorry to all who had intended to come along but the last thing we would want apart from anybody falling ill is for anybody to face a fine.Disappointed doesn’t come close but we will organise another walk just as soon as we are legally allowed. In the meantime we send good wishes to you all and thank you for the fantastic support you all give us.

New of Our Happily Homed Hounds

Here is an update on Obi (Young Minella). Here is just a part of the wonderful things his family say about him.”Obi continues to settle well as we get close to our 1st anniversary with him! Can’t believe it!! It’s gone so quickly yet it feels like we’ve loved him forever.We did a couple of days camping in Suffolk during the summer. Obi’s first camping experience was taken in his usual style….. as long as he was comfy and with us he was happy!He loves being cuddled so much and makes it very clear when he wants a cuddle, leaning into us and nuzzling his head into us.He is amazingly gentle and good tempered with my grandchildren and is brilliant with our 9yr old son Edward, always calm and gentle. Our son adores him.He behaves impeccably when out and about anywhere. With people and other dogs alike and we go on many walks with friends and their dogs.He brings us so much joy and I am constantly in awe of him and how he has transitioned from his racing days and being kennelled to living in a house with our family.Giving Obi his forever home is one of the best things I’ve done”.

Obi with his friends

We have had news of Indie (Fen View Indie). Here is what her owner has to say about her.”Indie is an absolute dream, she is so gentle and starting to settle in more and showing her cheeky personality. She knows the time I swear and wakes me for her breakfast at 6am every morning. She has made her bed/safe place on the landing but comes readily when I show her the lead. She’s enjoying our walks out in the Countryside and has made great friends with my friends lab/doddle. She’s still very wary of traffic and things she would not have seen, like the telly but considering it’s less than a month in she’s doing great.”.

Indie just chilling

We have news of Blanche, now called Jessie. Her owner says “This is Jessie with Mabel who lives next door. We often meet in the morning when out walking and they both lie down when we talk for too long! We alternate gardens with a weekly play date. She will sniff strangers hands on first meeting and now has about 6 people who she will let stroke her.She goes in for her spay tomorrow morning.I see Spot is still waiting – he seems a little like Jessie in temperament – whoever gets to take him home will be very fortunate. “Well done Jessie you have achieved so much since going home. Hope your op goes well. Maybe our Spot will be as lucky as you, do keep your paws crossed for him.xx

Jessie with her friend Mabel

Spot has a Weekend Break

Kennel dog Spot has had a break from kennels the last couple of days and has been to stay with his volunteer family and his new doggy friends who have been teaching him about the outside world and helping him to build his confidence.Spot is a shy little boy of only one year (two in October) but in the last couple of days has shown that with the help of a doggy friend or two he is able to build his confidence and show his sweet friendly personality. He is a lovely little boy who likes playing and walks (he is nervous when seeing people when he’s out but is really working on this). He has enjoyed playing zoomies around the garden with his friends and has discovered the dog in the TV and best of all the toy box full of squeaky toys which he finds great fun as you can see from the video in the comments 😊Spot came into kennels with his litter mates Dot, Delilah, Sarah, Blanche, Benny and Dilly, they all came in having not been lead trained or raced and all of his litter mates are now thriving in their forever homes. Spot is just waiting for the right person / family to come meet him and decide that they want to help him continue to build his confidence and watch his sweet character grow. Take a look at our Facebook page to see a video of Spot.

Great Global Greyhound Walk

Unfortunately the Great Global Greyhound Walk scheduled for 4th October has been cancelled. We are sorry for those who have worked so hard organising this event, sourced and made merchandise and for the charities who would have benefited from the profits and donations received.Our next walk is on Sunday 27th September in Hollesley, please see What’s on for details.We will be holding an October walk, probably towards the end of the month but the date and location are to be finalised.

Sleep Well Gilson

It is with great sadness we have learned of the passing of Gilson, racing name Ballydally Wack. Here is a very moving message from his family.Just to let you know we had to let go of our boy Gilson this week,as cancer finally got the better of him.He acquired us at Dillymore at the end of 2012,he was coming up to 3 years old and had been raced in Ireland and known as Ballydally Whack,we renamed him Gilson after the drummer from Jools Holland band.Right from the start he was a lazy,sleepy so and so,who loved his walks,his food,a little bit of fuss when he wanted it,but mostly his sofa,(we have a decent size garden,but only came out if he wanted to wee),our friends christened him Lord gilson,as you had to go and see him on his bed.As he got older though he did change and would come and see you to be made a fuss of,and sometimes would even come to the door when you came home,but these pointy noses really get to you,and we absolutely loved him and are still in the devastated stage at the moment with a huge hole in our lives.A couple of years ago we took in Mother in laws terrier thingy(Hettie) as she could no longer look after her,Hettie adored Gilson,he did his best to ignore her,since he has gone she is like a little lost sheep.Attached is one of the last photos,and its as if Hettie knew. Miss you big man x
Sleep well Gilson knowing you were loved beyond compare by your family and all who knew you. xx.

Puma goes home

Yesterday we bid a fond farewell to Puma (Oakvale Puma). Puma was one of our longest stayers and we couldn’t be more pleased for this affectionate young man.Good luck Puma, we you will be much missed (Well maybe not your vocal chords). XXX

Shotley Walk 2020

We were joined by 36 Greyhounds including kennel dog Bramble Taylor and one companion for our first walk since February. It was great to catch up with you all. Many thanks to The Shipwreck who welcomed us before and after the walk. Our next walk will be in Hollesley on Sunday 27th September, details can be found on here under Whats on.