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  1. We are currently considering adopting another hound. We had two previously from Yarmouth Homefinders. The female died a couple of years ago and we had to let the male go earlier this year as I was quite ill and spent nearly a month in hospital followed by another month recuperation and I was unable to look after him. Luckily a neighbour friend has greyhounds and is a trustee of Fenbank Rehoming Centre near Boston so she looked after him while I was ill and, with permission from Homefinders, fully adopted him as he had settled in so well. We have a fully enclosed garden with high fences, no children or other pets. My wife is retired and I work three days a week. On the negative side, my wife has Alzheimers so can be forgetful but is able to function reasonably normally – she might forget she has taken him for a walk and take him again though!! She does a little bit of voluntary work which entails her being out of the house for about four hours, three days a week: this would be the only time any dog would be left on their own. We have a large dog flap in our back door which the other two used to go out at night (the female had bladder problems towards the end and did not come to tell us she needed to go out). She was a dustbin where food was concerned whereas the male was very fussy – he didn’t see why he should eat dog foot when there was perfectly good fresh chicken or liver available!! Do you think we might suit each other? You might have seen us at a couple of your walks over the past couple of years

    1. Thank you for your interest in Messi. I replied by email earlier in the week, hope it got to you ok.

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