It is with great sadness we have to report that Mark and Dawn have lost their precious girl Connie. Our hearts go out to them both.
Connie came into their lives one sunny Sunday morning in Woodbridge when they brought Clarence along to our monthly walk.  Clarence spotted Connie who was the kennel dog chosen by Paulette to join us that day.  It was a match made in heaven.  Clarence couldn’t stop kissing her and they shared long and lingering stares when they had to go their separate ways.

The following week Clarence came to visit Connie at kennels and they both still felt the same about one another and the rest so they say is history.
Connie joined us as one of our Greyhound Ambassadors at many of our shows and worked hard to promote her friends still waiting for their forever homes.
Connie’s heart was truly broken when fate took a cruel turn and poor Clarence lost his life to cancer.
However, being the strong character that she was she softened her grief by helping her Sister Heart to remain positive and grow in confidence. Later when Hearts litter brother Will joined the family she did the most amazing job helping him to overcome his many fears and making him the confident and beautiful boy he is now.

Darling Connie at just 9 years old you to were taken too soon.  Run free with your beloved Clarence you will never be forgotten by those that knew and loved you.  The legacy you leave lives on for all to see in Heart and Will.  Bless you sweetheart.  xx

Connie with Clarence at kennels

Connie  wearing her beautiful floral collar