Hadleigh Walk

A fantastic day for a beautiful riverside walk in Hadleigh this morning. 53 Greyhound and, 3 of their companions took part. Kennel dogs Leo and Seb endeared themselves to everyone. Many thanks to Angie for leading the walk and to The George for making us welcome afterwards.

1 thought on “Hadleigh Walk”

  1. Many thanks to Peter his Wife and Flora for taking our Chico on the Hadleigh walk he thoroughly enjoyed himself and was totally knackered !!!!!!!!!!! I could nt manage it as my leg still has a while for full recovery but watch out I will hopefully be keeping up in a couple of months. Dear Chico what a shame he did nt start his races as he did the walk. I think he did the first 15 mins hopping on his back legs good on Peter for keeping up again many thanks, What a lovely turnout and what a wonderfull lot of well behaved dogs hope to see all soon Sonia

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