Saving Sonic

Just one more sleep for Sonic (Saving Sonic) and he is off to his forever home. Be happy and stay in touch sweetheart we all love you very much and It has been a pleasure to watch you grow from a tiny puppy into the special cuddle monster you are today.xx

1 thought on “Saving Sonic”

  1. Hi everyone there at the Suffolk Trust, just to let you know Sonic has settled beautifully, he loves his new toy, (squeeky squirrel), and has explored the village, ending with a stroll round the cricket green. He ate part of his dinner last night, hoping for better today. He slept the night through without a peep and was waiting at the bottom of the stairs at 7 this morning with waggy tail. He’s a real fun guy and has made us laugh with his antics. Just like to say how wonderful it is to see you all taking such care with the rehoming of these dogs and the obvious love you have for each and every one of them.

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