Droopy’s Bradley

The sadness of another loss of one of our precious hounds descends upon us again. We have received news that Bradley (Droopy’s Bradley)’s family have had to say their final farewell to him. He has left a gaping hole in their lives but they have written this wonderful tribute below to him.

“How can we best describe our Bradley: a St Leger winner who was afraid of cats ! A dog who hated anything resembling dog food but who loved a naan bread, a sausage roll or a piece of Victoria Sponge! A greyhound who never attempted to climb on a sofa or a bed but liked to have a choice of comfy dog beds to sleep on around the house. He loved our caravan holidays and wide open spaces but hated water so much he’d walk a mile rather than through a puddle. No interest in soft toys but loved a good zoomie around the dining table. He was affectionate, calm, quiet and went everywhere off lead within two or three months of having him.

Everyone who met Bradley fell in love with him and vice versa – he believed anyone who came to our door was a new best friend.

He lit up our lives and became not only a member of our family but a best mate to us both.

Run free our dear Bradley – thank you for all the joy you have given us, the new friendships you have made happen, and the privilege of knowing you.”

Our hearts go out to Bradley’s family and we thank them for the wonderful retirement they gave him.
Sleep tight Bradders, so grateful for the cuddles we had with you just a little while ago.xxxx
Droopy’s Bradley 12/08/2008 – 04/07/2020