Another Sad Farewell

Goodness this really is a terrible year, so many of our precious hounds have crossed the bridge, it is almost too much to bear.We are so terribly sad to learn that Dan (Our Man Dan) one of our wonderful Greyhound Ambassadors had to be put to sleep weeks before his 6th birthday. Dan was an absolute star at our promotional events, always out front meeting everyone he worked tirelessly to find homes for his pals waiting in kennels for their forever homes. This is what his devastated family have said about him”Today I had to say goodbye to Dan my daft little hound who was always bye my side, after weeks of being in pain it was discovered that he has cancer and it was only going to get worse. I am going to miss my feisty little lad who was scared of nothing, loved everyone he met and always posed for the camera with his smile and flappy ears. We brought him home as company for Jock who is a bit shy and from the first time we saw Dan at the kennels we fell in love with this little maniac who came bounding towards us with a happy smile and his ears up, he was in a full plaster cast but that didn’t stop him. He may have been our smallest hound but he took up a lot of space in our hearts which is know empty”.Bless you Dan we shall miss your cheeky little face at our events. Run free from pain sweetheart, your life was all too short but you packed so much into it, enjoying every moment. We will never forget you. xxx
Our Man Dan September 2014 – July 2020