Sleep well Bocko

We are devastated to bring the news that another of our loyal Greyhound Ambassadors has crossed the Rainbow Bridge.
Bocko didn’t attend many shows, they weren’t really his thing but he was an unsung hero along with his best friend Lottie when it came to welcoming numerous foster dogs into his home, most recently Young Master has been staying with them. Bocko made them all welcome, put them at ease and showed them the ropes.
Our hearts go out to our Volunteer Michelle and her family, Bocko was such a special boy with the kindest heart.
Here is what Bocko’s family have said about him.
“Run pain free at rainbow Bridge Bocko, play with the friends that went before you. You were one of the most loving, caring, quirkest dogs that we have ever had the privilege to meet. Thank you for all the happy memories, for letting us be your forever home and for being such a massive part of our lives. Will miss you our quirky velcro boy xxx”
Sleep well Bocko we will never forget you and all you have done for us. xxx