Bubbly Blaze

We have had heart warming news from Bubbly Blaze. Here is what his family have sent us.
So proud of Blaze 🙂 (aka Wag-a-Leg! asks for fusses!).
He has been through a lot for a little greyhound boy 🙁
Over a year ago he fell ill with a very nasty bug. Messed his tummy badly.
Then, whilst continuing a long recovery, two months ago he had a massive stroke and was at first terrified at the time as he couldn’t find his legs or see out of his right eye!
It was a difficult time as Blaze was confused and distant and very wobbly.
However he was so good as he soon learned to to walk better, easing off the circling left (better vision!) and even listening as to when to step down each step without falling.
Such a brave trouper! Now bounces along happily on his walks
Tum troubles unfortunately returned due the stroke, but meds helping recover and his appetite is huge! 🙂
This pic is ‘is my dinner ready?’
He has three meals a day and knows exactly when haha!
Just love him 🙂

Well done Blaze, what a brave little Soldier xx