Mac and Daphne go to School

Occasionally some of our dogs need a little help understanding good dog manners in certain situations and around other breeds of dog. Sometimes they quite simply lack confidence in the outside world. Sometimes it’s a mixture of all of these things.This has been the case with Daphne (Olddavey’s Lady) and Mac (Droopy’s Mac).
Yesterday to help them on their way to finding their forever homes they attended a doggie workshop with behaviorist Pat of Mills Mutts
.It was such a worthwhile experience for them. Both were far less reactive by the end of day. Daphne walked beautifully past Inca the Visla and Mac gained so much confidence that by the end of the day he no longer felt the need to attach himself like Velcro to his Volunteer Barbara’s leg.
We know there is still work to be done but we are immensely proud of the progress they made and are confident that with an experienced owner or someone who is happy to work with them, both will make lovely pets. They are such affectionate little souls we hope they each have their chance very soon.

Mac with Inca the Visla
Mac and Daphne with Volunteer Barbara