Listen Danny. A Heart Warming Tale

We have had some lovely news regarding Listen Danny. This lad was shy beyond belief when he went off to his forever home in late 2020. But with the help of his 3 adopted Sisters, two of whom have sadly crossed the bridge and the love and understanding of his family his cheeky little personality has come shining through.
Here is what they say about him.
“The study is no longer a hiding place but a storage space for our shoes when we so carelessly leave them under the hall table or on the shoe rack. Millie has been giving him instruction on how to play with toys and it is a pleasure to see them tossing them about together. They are also enjoying a chase in the garden despite the weather (Millie not quite so old and crocked as she was billed!!) What is really lovely is the face at the window accompanied by loud squeaking as we come home and the frequent coming to us for fuss, particularly ear rubs”.
What a lovely story.
Thank you to Danny’s family, it’s not always plain sailing when the dogs go to their forever homes, some take longer than others to settle but they have given Danny the time he needed to truly be himself.