A Tribute to Jose

We have had some heartbreaking news.
Sadly Jose (King Zlatan) has crossed the bridge. Jose was such a little trouper having become a tripod after loosing a leg to the dreaded cancer. His family have written a tear jerking yet wonderful tribute to him. Our hearts go out to them.
“On the 23rd of March our beautiful boy Jose passed away. His remaining front leg fractured and x-rays showed signs of osteo again so we had no choice but to let him go””We always feared this day would come but after proving all the experts wrong and making it two years cancer free we hoped his luck had changed but sadly not”
“Jose was the most gentle, sensitive loving soul who did not deserve to be taken so young but the old Chinese proverb is true The flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long”
“Although we are struggling to fill the void we are grateful to have the wonderful memories and we both agree it was the best few years of our lives with our happy little family”.

Run free from pain dear Jose your brave and determined spirit were an inspiration to all that knew and loved you. xx
King Zlatan Jan 2016 to March 2022

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  1. Jose was a gentle, loving dog and his passing leaves a large greyhound shape hole in the family. RIP Nanny loves you

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