Sleep Tight Toby

It is with much sadness we have to report that Toby (Rethany Russo) has crossed the bridge.

His family have written a lovely tribute to him which we share with you below.

“Toby was a hound who always gave 100%. This was true in his racing life and in retirement. He was the forever teenager. As long as he was with his family everything we might want to do was a brilliant idea as far as he was concerned. Total enthusiasm.

Walks in all weathers, discussing his rights to after dinner treats, keeping us all safe from the terrors of the world A more loyal, loving and happy hound we may never meet again.

Thank you for introducing us to Toby so we could share many years of joy and ear rubs”

It is us who must thank Toby’s family for giving him such a happy and loving home.

Volunteer Sue has fond memories of Toby. She took him along to his home check with her and in his eagerness to explore he flew up the garden and landed in the pond!

Sleep well sweetheart, enjoy lots of treats and ear rubs on your side of the bridge and stay away from the water!!! xxx