News from Kennels this Weekend

This could be something of a branch record.

Hather Pearl was returned yesterday through absolutely no fault of her own.

We took her for a little walk around the field and she met Italian Greyhound Noodle and that was that.

Pearl was returned and then reserved in less than 10 minutes and went home today. Bless her we are so pleased for her.

In other news Sky (Raging Sky) was reserved and will be going home next week. They really are their own best advert. Sky met lots of people and other dogs whilst her new owner was completing some paperwork and she endeared herself to all.

Cleo was practicing walking on a big girls collar and lead and once she settled was very well behaved. She even went for a walk with Dave (Illewin Attempt) who had come to visit. They got on like a house on fire. Fingers crossed Cleo doesn’t wait too much longer for her new home.