Sleep Tight Stan

We are truly saddened by some of the news we have to post and today is no exception.

We have received the heartbreaking news that Stan (Spindrifter) has lost his courageous battle with bone cancer at just 8 years old. We have known Stan since he was a puppy and will miss him on our monthly walks.

His family have written a lovely tribute to him which we share with you all.

“He was a wonderful dog, a very happy dog, a character known by all who live in my neighbourhood and beyond.

He never made a fuss, he never made a mess he always did what he was asked. Eventually.

He was stubborn, liked to walk the way he wanted to go, and we always gave in to him. He liked that.

He went to sleep with me holding him and his adopted human pack very close by.

It is so hard to let my ‘ Dog Son’ go but it was time.

There is a massive ‘Stan sized’ hole in our hearts, we will always love him and never forget how much happiness he brought to our lives.

Goodbye Stan”.

May your spirit fly high and free from pain with your brother Tudor we are sure he will be waiting for you.

We will love and remember you always xx