Hather Pearl

Sadly we have to tell you that Pearl (Hather Pearl) has crossed the bridge at the tender age of 5 years.

Her family had to make the heart breaking decision to ease her suffering. A brave decision knowing just how much that would hurt but of course these decisions are always the correct ones.

Dear little Pearl suffered from an autoimmune condition which affected her gums. Despite 7 months of intensive treatment with antibiotics and steroids the condition did not improve and was taking it’s toll on other areas of Pearls life. When it was clear no cure could be found her loving family along with advice from her Vet came to the decision not to let her suffer any further.

We remember Pearl well and feel for her family. We thank them for the loving home they gave her and for doing all they could for her.

Pearl’s Mum says “My beautiful Black Pearl was only 5 and had her whole life ahead of her. The 14 months she had with me she was loved and cherished and I hope she knew. She will never be forgotten”

Sleep tight and heal well for a while precious Pearl and then go run free with all of those beautiful hounds that have gone before you. xx