Sleep Tight Gary

We don’t want to make you cry at Christmas but we have just received this beautiful tribute to Gary (Sambitanco)

On Saturday we had to say goodbye to Gary. It’s hard to put into words what he meant to us, but I’ll give it a go. Above all else, he was loving and that’s what everyone saw in him. He was a sucker for a stroke and except from towards the end, he would stand for hours just to get some loving and he didn’t care too much who he got it from. He was also a fan of cheese, broccoli, apples, dentistix and any other form of food he could find. He didn’t overly discriminate from none food items either; I lost two coasters, several pairs of slippers and socks to his interest. Gary was full of personality and wasn’t like any other dog I’ve met. He never barked and would sing us a welcome home song (mostly whining and crying) whenever he heard the car pull up, or even when he heard us stirring in the mornings. Gary was famously lazy, rarely leaving his bed and was known to try get back into the house when going out for a walk. Although hard to imagine, Gary slowed down in his latter years, which was well deserved having retired from racing at the grand age of 5. Last week he developed a lump on his front leg and tests showed he had cancer; due to his age and size, treatment options were poor and it was unlikely he would have any quality of life. Sam and I had to make the heartbreaking decision to put him to sleep, before his pain became intolerable. We were with him when he left us and he was doing what he loved; eating gravy bones. Losing Gary has been like no other pain we have felt before. He was a real showcase of the breed and utterly irreplaceable. Gary had been through all the ups and downs of life with us over the last 4 years and no one could wish for a better companion. We will never not miss you Gary and if we could have taken your cancer away and kept you for many more years to come, we would have. Goodbye friend 🌈🐾💔

Our hearts go out to Gary’s family. We thank them for giving him such a loving home and a wonderful retirement.

Sleep tight sweetheart. xxx