Sleep Tight Des

Romeo Desperado 01/01/2015 – 07/03/2024

Some days are just so hard….. We have received this heartfelt message from Des’s family:-

It is with a heavy heart, but also one filled with love and many, many happy & precious memories that I have to tell you that our brave, loving, affectionate, sweet, funny, playful, intelligent and totally knowing Desi White Chops has passed away. Unfortunately he had bone cancer, borne very stoically, so the vet informed us.

I know many of you have looked after him, (fantastically over the years), groomed him, walked him, raced him and loved him over the years, so I am sure there are many of you who have some great & fond memories of Des (Romeo Desperado).

We nicknamed him Disco Des (among other things!), as he had a very enthusiastic & energetic ‘disco dance routine’ he performed as a lovely welcome home, whenever we returned, (even after popping to the garage for 5 minutes)!! Desi the Helicopter was another favourite name, as his tail resembled an out of control rotor spinning wildly when he saw a favourite person! It both threatened to lift his rear right off the ground and also send a stinging thwack across your unsuspecting legs, if you weren’t careful!

Although Desi had a few set backs he was so good natured, chilled out and friendly that he was still making friends right up to the end, walking up to people, looking up at them with his gorgeous, soft brown eyes and then going in for the full lean! (All to total strangers who looked good for an ear rub, a head pat or possibly a tasty tidbit!). Bless his big heart.

We will miss him terribly, but feel it was the best thing we could have done when we took him home for good at Easter 2023. We watched him kick back and settle in like he had owned the place for years. Even recognising little dogs as fellow canines and not paying them too much attention. He definitely had a soft spot for the pointy nose girlies though, especially a petite blue whippet! The old dog!!

I am sure he knew how much he was loved and he undoubtedly felt comfortable and safe in his home, (with his fully trained ‘staff’ on hand to bow to his every whim!). He showed us every day how much he loved us right back and we are forever grateful for the time we have spent together. Thank you all for your kindness & care to Des. He would say it himself, if he could.

Sleep tight my boy. We will remember & love you forever. Mummy & Daddy xxx

Thank you to Ness and Rob for the love and devotion they showed Des, getting to know him, earning his trust and for the many days and weekends they spent with him prior to taking him home.

Thank you also to those who knew and loved Des and those who made sure he always knew he was loved.

Rest easy lovely Des and thank you for your hard work as one of our Greyhound Ambassadors xx