Larry Appeal

UPDATE. Fantastic news Larry is safe!

He ran into the arms of his special person a few minutes ago.

Huge thanks to all who kept an eye open for him or sent best wishes. Also to the family who rang to let us know he had been in their paddock and to the owners of Park Farms for their help and understanding.

Extra special thanks to the fantastic charity Drone To Home for their assistance .

Shame on the scammers who tried to impersonate them.


Larry has slipped his collar and is running loose.

Last seen at Park House Farm Layer Marney CO5 9UH

If you are in the area and spot Larry PLEASE don’t approach him as he is very nervous and will bolt.

Please report any sightings of him with as much detail as possible to Avril on 07826736386

Thank You.

UPDATE. Larry is still missing although we know he is in the area in which he was lost as there have been sightings of him there. We have volunteers looking, the drone company will help tomorrow morning if they have a drone operator in the area and Larry’s favourite person is keeping an overnight vigil in the place he was lost. We we will keep you all updated.