Special Appeal

The boys are back in town!

Unfortunately due to a change in circumstances Zola and Max are now looking for a forever home together. We cannot separate them.

The boys have had issues with separation anxiety and so are looking for a home where someone is home all of the time in the first instance to spend time working on this.

They have joined us on one of our monthly walks and behaved well.

The boys have been out with our Volunteers and they have also had a weekend break with two of them.

this is what they have said about them.:-

“Both were great in the house, they had an explore and sniff around, but settled down quickly. They laid down when travelling in the car. Zola likes to be with his human most of the time, or at least to know where they are at all times. Max is both a little nervous at times (especially with Rob), and also more inquisitive & playful. Zola being calmer but more clingy. Both slept well, Zola by the bed and Max in the lounge (in his bed, but I suspect also on the sofa!). Both gave a little whine when they needed to go out for a toilet break.

When out both dogs want to be in sight of each other at all times & both walk nicely on their leads. Max usually taking the lead, Zola happy to follow along. Both looked at other breeds of dogs with interest, but no pulling on the lead, lunging at or barking at any dogs at all. They were very well-behaved.

In the house, they seemed more relaxed to let one another out of their sight and did not lay together or need to be in the same room as each other. Both liked a cuddle & being stroked, especially Zola who was a huge cuddle monster! They are lovely stripey boys!

I think they need to be with an active couple who are around the vast majority of the time, (one person with them all the time really), either without any children or with a couple with older children/ teenagers who are interested in them. I don’t think having young children around all the time would be a good fit. These two need to be the main focus fur babies!
To arrange to meet Zola and Max please contact Emma on 07889904874