Good News for Billy and Cairns

We couldn’t be more pleased to be able to tell you Billy and Cairns have been given another chance of happiness. They went home today after meeting their new family.
Absolutely over the moon for this lovely pair.
We have everything crossed for you this time boys. XXX


Meet Becky (Racing name Bulmers Enigma). A beautiful dark brindle girl with wayward ears and a tail that doesn’t stop wagging.

Billy and Cairns

Remember best friends Billy and Cairns? They were sadly brought to us after their owner died and following a fantastic response to our appeal for a home for them the boys went briefly to a new home. The new owner said they were perfect, clean in the house, loving, gentle, not fazed by other dogs of any size and both walked beautifully on their leads. However after their owner returned to work the boys didn’t cope well with being left for more than a couple of hours. In light of this we are now looking for a home for them where their new family are around most of the day and are happy to work with them to build up the amount of time they are able to be left. We must stress the boys were not badly behaved when left, just stressed. This pair really are fabulous dogs and we long to find the perfect home for them together, we will never separate them.

Three more go home!

Great news for three of our precious hounds Attempt (Illewin Attempt), Boy (Taydal Boy) and Queenie (Ballyloo Queen) all went off to start their new lives in their forever homes today. Good luck to all three of you, you were an absolute pleasure to have at kennels. Much love to you

News of Grizzy

We have had news of Grizzy( Droopys Griezman). He is settling in well and this is what his family say about him.
Thought we’d let you know how Grizzy ( now called Larry) is getting on.
He was a bit shy to start, didn’t like the TV!, but has settled well now.
He loves his walks and sleeping in his bed.
Couldn’t imagine the house without him now.

So pleased for you sweetheart. xx

Buick Goes Home

Yesterday it was Buick’s (Buick Man) turn to go home. He is going to live with the gorgeous brindle boy, 10year old Silver. Good luck Buick you happy little soul. Miss you already xx


We have had news of Paddy (Pawsome Santiago). His family say he has settled in really well. He has such a sweet nature and loves the home life. Plenty of walks and plenty of sofa surfing🙂
That’s lovely to hear and thanks for the photos.