Urgent Appeal

Avril took numerous photographs today but unfortunately due to technical difficulties with her camera we do not have any photos to share. If you happened to take any photos today would you please email them to sara@greyhoundhomer.org.uk It would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

Boxing Day Walk

Wow! We were blessed with such a beautiful day for our annual Boxing Day walk in Felixstowe today. Thank you to all that came along to support us. Special thanks to Brian and Gill for leading the walk, Craig, Julie and family for allowing us to use their chalet and for the wonderful job they made of serving the refreshments and to everybody that made cakes, mince pies and sausage rolls.
We had another record turn out with 179 sight hounds and 19 of their friends of a different breed.We hope to have some photos to share with you shortly, please see the appeal above.

New Arrivals

Lyndsey, Khloe and Sonny have arrived.  They have all settled in brilliantly and are sharing their kennels with their new Dillymore friends. Take look at them on our homeless page.

Davey’s Day Out

Davey made some new friends this week when he was taken to Flatford for a walk. Davey loves to meet new people and soon made friends with Phoebe the Jack Russell, Effe the mixture of Terriers and their owner Lisa. He wished his Auntie Avril had taken his pj’s off as he didn’t think he looked very manly in front of the girls but they didn’t mind, they thought he was so handsome, he could have been wearing a tutu for all they cared. He is all they want for Christmas.
Resized Feebs admiring DaveyResized Davey at Flatford crop2

Ruby Goes Home

Good news.  Ruby went home today.  She will be living with Rose (aka Emmy) who we homed around 18 months ago.
We have three new dogs who will be appearing on here shortly.

Another good day at kennels

The beautiful Bo went to her forever home today.  Bo was a firm kennel favourite having lived at Dillymore since she was a puppy.  She is the Granddaughter of the legendry Star of Dromin and special boy Will’s very best friend. Good luck little Bo we will miss you xx
Good news for our shy boy Tony.  He was reserved today pending a satisfactory home check.  We have our fingers well and truly crossed on that score because he and his prospective owner got along famously.
Claire is into the Christmas spirit already and made us all smile when she tried on her best Christmas outfit.
Claire 1 cropped and resized

Paddy Goes Home

Good news everybody.  The lovely Paddy went home on Monday.  We are particularly pleased for Paddy because he had already spent 3 years in a loving home but due to unfortunate family circumstances he had to be returned.
We have had an update and a photo from his new family to say he is settling in well and that he found the sofa the minute he walked in the door!
We love to see our previously homed dogs find happiness for the second time. Good luck Paddy xx

Highwoods Country Park

Thank you to Greyhound Walks for inviting us to join them on their walk through Highwoods Country Park today. It was a nice turn out given the appalling weather.  We took our special boy Will along.  Will is very shy and not quite ready to go to a forever home just yet but he was a brave little soldier today given that this is only his third trip out of kennels. Although quite hand shy still he was keen to make friends with several of the other dogs.  He walked beautifully on his lead.  We are very hopeful that there is a special home out there for this lovely lad.
Rio also came along and was given the good news that he will be going to live with his forever family pending a successful home check and after he recovers from his ‘man op’

Resized Will, Lucy and RockyLucy thought brave Will made a lovely chin rest!

Resized Rio with familyRio is walked by his prospective new family.  He behaved brilliantly.