Greyhound Extravaganza

On Sunday kennel dogs Bonnie and Steel went to the greyhound extravaganza held at the Animal Health Trust Newmarket.  They had a great time meeting lots of other dogs as well as families.  Both were really well behaved, traveled well and walked nicely on their leads.

IMG_2781 SVBonnie and Steel making new friends at Newmarket

Sara amended 1
Bonnie and Steel spent most of the day at the front of the stand meeting people.  They both worked really hard.Sara amended 2
Bonnie and Steel enjoyed being fussed by these little boys


After the walk at Mistley on Sunday Lee went to stay with his foster Mum who will look after him while he has his man op.  As you can see he has properly taken to home life already.  What a lovely laid back chap he is.

Lee legs up resized


Mistley Walk

Today 55 greyhounds and two other breeds joined us for a walk at Mistley.  Most dogs did the long route but there was a shorter walk for the ‘oldies’ (dogs not people).  Once again we were made very welcome at the Mistley Park rescue centre and cafe.

Hadleigh Show

On Saturday we attended the Hadleigh show.  Kennel dogs Ruby and Blue came along in the morning and Davey and Sprite spent the afternoon with us.  All four of them enjoyed lots of fuss and attention from the visitors to the stall and all made friends with various other breeds of dogs.



Junior had a lovely cuddle and lots of kisses for his foster Mum to say thank you for looking after him so well while he recovered from his ‘Gentlemans’ operation.  Junior is now fully recovered and back at Dillymore but we are not sure for how much longer because he has a date with a lady dog on Saturday.  Fingers crossed she falls for his charms.

Junior saying thank you

Ruby and Blue go for a Walk

Kennel dogs Ruby and Blue had a morning out of kennels today.  They paced out the Mistley short walk in readiness for Sunday 22nd.  Ruby thought the half an hour it took was just about right for a mature lady such as herself (Ruby is 11 years old).  Both dogs behaved impeccably and were friendly towards everyone they met including a terrier  and small fluffy dog. Visit them on our homeless hounds page for more photos.

Mistley 5 Resized