Mickey and Sonny go Home

It’s the day we have all been waiting for.  Our long stayers Mickey and Sonny who have shared a kennel ever since they arrived at the beginning of the year have gone home.  The icing on the cake is that they have gone together!  Their new family recently lost their beloved greyhound Elvis and although they can never replace him they have made space in their hearts and their home for these two lovely black boys.
Not only have they got a new home but they have new names too.  Mickey is now Flynn and Sonny is now Cooper.  Very grand.
Be happy boys,  you both waited so long for your turn and we couldn’t be more pleased for you both. xx


Here’s Ozzy (formerly known as Oscar), who went home earlier this month. His owner is delighted with him and says: “He’s brilliant, has come to choir practice, been to church on Sunday and had a rummage around the Pet food shop. He loves the girls (greyhounds) Lulu and Matilda who he stays with while I’m at work. Lulu follows him around the garden and they play continuously.”
Stay happy, fella!

Settling in at Home

Photos of our recently homed Dogs Heather  (now Ruby) and Bing (now Bill).  Both are settling in really well.  Ruby and her new friend Jack are getting on well together and Bill has discovered the delights of sleeping on his owners bed!  Think both are being spoiled rotten, just as they should be.

Heather relaxing at home

Bing surveying his new garden

Heather and Oscar

Fabulous news for kennel mates Heather and Oscar.  They both went off to their forever homes yesterday.  We have had an update on Heather who is now called Ruby, she had a good night and in fact she joined us on our walk today.
Good luck in your new homes, you go with much love from us all


We have had good news from recently homed Barney’s family.
He has settled very well and  gets on with his new friend Cassie like a house on fire.  They play together in the garden and curl up together for a snooze.  Barney is eating well and has discovered the delights of a Tuna pasta bake.  He has a big stuffed elephant that he tosses around the garden, well, that’s when he isn’t busy digging! Cheeky little monkey we are so pleased for him.


We think it’s safe to say Charlie has well and truly settled into home life!
Didn’t think it would take this gentle giant long to find the sofa.

Jock with his family

Here is a photo of recently homed Jock.  His family say he is settling in really well and joined them last weekend when they took part in a show.  They travel far and wide to take part in re-enactments so Jock will get to see and meet lots of new people.  Who knows he could be called upon to take part himself.

Lindsey Goes Home

The lovely Lyndsey, who is now called Indie has gone to her forever home.  She is settling in well and true to form has her nose into everything!  Be happy little girl, whenever we think of you we shall smile. Good luck xx

Indie with her new family.

Indie bids farewell to Volunteer Sue