We have had news of Paddy (Pawsome Santiago). His family say he has settled in really well. He has such a sweet nature and loves the home life. Plenty of walks and plenty of sofa surfing🙂
That’s lovely to hear and thanks for the photos.

Recently Homed

We have had news of some of our recently homed boys. Gangster, Crash and Jimmy are all doing well. Photos below of Gangster and Crash. A video of Jimmy is showing on our Facebook page.

Jimmy goes home

Our big brindle bundle of love aka Wildfire Jimmy went to his forever home today. He has gone to live with Ralph who we homed a while back and who recently lost his best friend Magic. Be happy Jimmy you go with so much love from us all.xx

Billy, Cairns and Grizzy

Our special appeal boys Billy (Millwards Billy) and Cairns (Droopys Cairns) went off to their forever home today. Grizzy (Droopys Griezman) will be going home tomorrow once his new bed arrives.

Crash and Rebel

We have seen two of our boys off to their forever homes in the last few days. Crash (Russmur Crash) went home on Saturday and Rebel (Golden Rebel) on Monday. Good luck boys we hope you have a long and happy retirement. Much love xx

Teddy Goes Home

Teddy (Seaglass Express) went home today. He was chosen by Kim (High Living) who we homed a while ago. Good luck Teddy we think Kim will make you very happy. xx

Joey Goes Home

Good luck to the lovely Joey who went to his forever home this week. His family say that after a shy first day he is settling in really well and is enjoying his walks and playing in the garden with his toys. Be happy Joey you weren’t with us long, just long enough for us to know what a smashing lad you are.

Ajlo Legal Beagle

After yesterdays sad news here is a post to make us smile it’s happily homed Beagle (Ajlo Legal Beagle). What a little stunner and according to his family he knows it! We love the one of him admiring himself in the mirror.

Farley Totti

Unfortunately today’s post is a sad one,
We have learned of the passing of Farley Totti at the age of 12. Totti as we called him at kennels was affectionately known as Tommy when he went to his forever home.
His owner paid tribute to him saying Tommy was a wonderful dog, not a moments trouble and was quite simply her whole world. Our thoughts are very much with her.
Thank you to Tommy’s racing owner who has sent us a photo of him in his prime. Tommy made the final of the prestigious Puppy Derby and a video of that race can be found on our Facebook page.
Rest well dear Tommy, much love xx

Good News

After what has been a trying week for most of us there is still some good news to be had. Paul, Norman, Lima and Bosch all went off to their forever homes with much love from us all.