Could it be Forever?

We hardly dare to dream that this time Bosch’s (Swift Bosch) home is forever.It’s been a long wait for Bosch who is now called Teddy but his family say he has settled in well, was a good boy when he had a bath, loves laying on his back with his legs in the air in the conservatory and is over the moon to have his very own set of 6 tennis balls.We have everything crossed for this larger than life lad, he was a real kennel favourite. We all love him to bits.

Cubsy Lola

We have had news of the lovely Lola (Cubsy Lola). Here is what his family have to say about him.” We have had Archie (Cubsy Lola) for 3 weeks now and we can’t imagine not having him now, he has definitely settled into our family. He loves his walks and his sleep! He is great with the girls who absolutely adore him”.We are so happy for this lovely gentle boy and hope to see him and his family again soon.

A New Life in the Sun

Kenzo and Ben(Celestial King) along with their family Jac and Elmer have moved to Spain. Kenzo who recently recovered from a major operation is happy as anything, her family say it’s as if she has always lived there. We wish Kenzo, Ben Jac and Elmer all the very best in their new life and hope they will stay in touch.

Guli goes home

Great news for Guli (Madabout Guli). He went to his forever home on Sunday and has made himself at home already, taking just 45 minutes to discover sofa’s! His family say he is settling in beautifully, enjoying lots of cuddles and playing with his new toys. He has also had an extension to his name and is now called Gulliver.Good luck sweetheart we shall miss you but couldn’t be happier for you. xxx

Happy news for Taylor

Well it hasn’t taken Taylor long to make himself at home! Here he is just hours after going home to his new family. Taylor has waited an awful long time to find his forever home and we wish him well. Such a people dog who will certainly be missed, not least of all by his favourite Volunteer Ness who has spent so much time with him and given him some fantastic sleepovers at her house. Good luck Taylor and much love from us all xx

Jon Star comes to visit

We had a real treat today when recently homed Jon Star (now called Blue) came to see us for a pedicure. He was so excited to see everyone it made our day. Old habits die hard because he headed straight for the shed where he clearly remembered is where we keep the treat jar! Bless his little heart.

That was quick

Billy (Cubsy Billy) and Dasher (Borwick Dasher) only arrived last Saturday but both went off to their forever homes today. Good luck to both, they go with much love from us all.

Charlie and Becky go home

Good luck to Charlie and Becky who both went to their forever homes this weekend. Charlie has gone home with our friend and Volunteer Angie who lost her dear Troy just weeks ago. Troy’s Sister Alex had been so down since losing Troy but perked up no end when she met Charlie. Becky is going to join the country set! She is going to have a garden with acres of space and lots of country walks. Much love to them both xx