Cuddles makes himself at home

Here is cuddles who went home yesterday.  We have spoken to his owner this evening and he says he is doing very well, loves his pigs ears, walks and meeting other dogs.  Oh and looking out of the window or resting on the sill!


Home Time

The last few days have seen Dexter, Betty and Joker all go off to their forever homes.  Good luck guys you go with much love from us all. We  hope to see you at one of our walks or shows.

Mumbas Vieri (Baz)

Mumbas Vieri (Baz).
It is with heavy hearts that we have to tell you Baz died yesterday after contracting a severe gastric infection.
Baz was a loyal and affectionate boy who had been a great comfort to his family following a sudden bereavement. His time in a loving family home was short, he only went home in May but the joy he brought to his family’s lives and the love he gave them during their darkest hours will surely live in their hearts forever. Our thoughts are with them.
Run free at the bridge dear Baz and sleep soundly in the arms of those who have gone before you.


Dark Victory (Vic) March 2012 to August 2016

It is with great sadness that we have to tell you lovely Vic died suddenly on Saturday.
Vic only found his forever home in March but what a happy home that was.  He was absolutely adored not just by his family but by all who knew him.  The children in the village where he lived used to call him the ‘Gentle Giant’ His exploits were shared on Facebook by his family and he had followers all over the world. He will be sadly missed by all, especially his family.  Our hearts go out to them.
Run free dear Vic and when you sleep, sleep tight with those legs in the air.xx
Vic with Anita resized

Handsome Vic resized

Vic with legs akimbo resized

Puffa, Pants and June

Here are Puffa, Pants and June who have all gone home in the last couple of days.  How lovely to see that although Puffa and Pants are not in a kennel they still like to lay together.
June seemed to settle into her new home almost immediately.  She had a good nose around everywhere and then ate a massive bowl of food. No first day nerves from this lovely girl.

Puffa and Pants croppedPuffa and Pants

June at home resizedJune


Ruby and Blue

Here it is, the moment we have all been waiting, hoping and praying for. RUBY AND BLUE have gone home together. Thank you so much to everybody who shared their story and wished them well. We are blessed to have the most amazing support from you all. Here they are below looking settled already.

Ruby and Blue Really do belong together

Blue at home on the sofaRuby making herself comfy

Holden aka Younger

We have had news and a couple of lovely photos of Holden.  This is what his owner had to say.
“We found a field full of rye with a footpath and I thought I would use the opportunity to get a picture given he’s named after Holden from Catcher in the Rye. He has been amazing for me, I am so happy to have him in my life.”
We are so pleased Holden is having such a wonderful life.

Younger Head resizedYounger Body

Steel (Stainless Steel)

We have had a lovely email from Steel who went home recently.  He is having a fantastic time.  He takes his owners to the park twice a day, brings them hedgehogs and loves being in his garden.  He has been a brave little Soldier sleeping downstairs on his own after 2 nights and being a good boy when he is left alone.  He met Chase in the park last week.  Chase was homed a long time ago and it was nice to have news of him too. Hope to see you soon Steely.

RIP Toby

RIP Toby, you will be much missed

After an unpleasant start in life a stressed and traumatised five-year-old Toby came to Dillymore in order to find his forever home.

Staff and volunteers spent many months nurturing and rehabilitating Toby until finally he was ready for family life. He had to wait for the right owner to come along – we put out a special appeal in December 2012 but it wasn’t until September 2013 that he finally found the perfect home. In the meantime, he had become a firm kennel favourite and there were tears of joy from all at Dillymore and Greyhound Homer the day Toby went home, it was a day we feared may never come.

Home is where Toby’s life really began. With the love and support of his family he really blossomed and grew into the most loving and happy dog as seen in these photos.

It is with very heavy hearts we have to announce that Toby died this morning following a heart attack, just nine years old. Our thoughts are with his family and friends.

Toby you were a very special boy whose strength of character to overcome life’s challenges was an inspiration to us all.  We are thankful that even though you were taken far too soon you passed having known three years of true happiness and been loved beyond measure in your home. Sleep tight sweetheart, you will never be forgotten.

Toby boxing day 2013

Toby at Newmarket

Alfie has a new home!

Fantastic news!  Alfie has a new home.  Here’s what he has to say about it.

Hi Everybody, All my dreams have come true.  I have a new family to love and care for me.  I can’t tell you just how happy I am. Hopefully once I am settled they will take a  photo of me  and you can see me all happy and back to my old self.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the love and best wishes you have sent to me following my appeal.  I hope my friends Ruby and Blue will be as lucky as me.
Love Alfie xx