Fingers crossed everybody for our long term resident Moody.  He has visitors on Friday morning. Moody has waited all year for somebody to ask to meet him. Good luck Moody.

Update 24/9/16  Sadly it was not to be Moody’s day.  Moody had another viewer today but again he didn’t show the real Moody we all know and love.  Maybe he is just a bit shy when he goes for a walk around the grounds with new people? One of us might have to go with him for moral support next time.  We do hope he gets the chance he so richly deserves.
Moodys turn next for website



Happy news for Micheal, he was reserved this morning.  Well to be more precise Micheal chose his new owner!   Micheal is such a friendly cuddle monster, he makes you love him. He will be going home shortly once we have completed his home check.

Clacton Food and Drink Festival

We have had lovely weekend at the Clacton Food and Drink Festival. Kennel dogs Micheal and Davey joined us on Saturday and on Sunday it was Betty and Moody’s turn. They all had a great time. Davey was fascinated by the sea, Micheal thought other breeds of dogs were great, Betty fell head over heels in love with Moody and as for Moody well he just loved his Burger and a cup of tea. All were little super stars and lapped up all the fuss and attention.

Davey and MichealDavey and Micheal

Betty kissing MoodyBetty and Moody


Laura finds love

Good news!  Laura met Bruno the German shepherd cross yesterday and they got on famously, she went all silly, bowing down in front of him and really showing off her charms.  She will be going to live with him once his home has been checked and he is back from his holidays. So pleased for this sweet little girl.
Update 01/9/16 Laura had a play date with Bruno yesterday while we carried out a home check.  She had a lovely time and is looking forward to going home with Bruno soon.


Golden Weekend

Super Saturday, Super Sunday!! Two of our Homeless Hounds struck gold this weekend. On Saturday Queenie secured gold medal position in Baileys heart and on Sunday Sprite won gold with Benji. We couldn’t be happier for these lovely girls.

Queenie for website

It worked for website

Disappointment for Mac

After being beautifully groomed, having a pedicure and choosing a stunning collar to wear for his big day we had to break the bad news to Mac that unfortunately his date had had to cancel.  She has developed a spinal complaint within the last few days and wisely her owner has decided it might not be such a good idea to introduce a new dog into the family at the moment. We all wish her a speedy recovery. Mac is such a happy and laid back chap and is coping with his disappointment admirably .

Update!!!  What is it they say about one door closing and another one opening? Well that was certainly the case for Mac. After his initial disappointment earlier today he has now been reserved by another family. Great news for this lovely lad.

Tendring Show 023 resizedMac meeting a small dog at the Tendring Show.

Colchester Food and Drink Festival

Kennel dogs Jan, Moody, Paddy, Puffa and Yankee had an exciting time at the festival this weekend.  Glad they enjoyed it!  The humans looking after them spent most of the weekend dodging the showers and pushing our cars out of the mud.  Seriously though they met some wonderful people and loved the attention they received.  We are hoping they did enough to secure forever homes for themselves or at least set a seed in peoples minds. It could be months down the line when somebody rings and says “We met the greyhounds at the food and drink festival and we are now in a position to offer a dog a home” We have some interested families coming to kennels this weekend so fingers crossed the five of them don’t have to wait that long.