Bath Time

We made the best of the warm weather and bathed some of the dogs today.  Here is cheeky Chico all in a lather and then soaking his Aunty Angie whilst shaking off the rinsing water!

Fun and Games for Chico

Our longest stayer, the lovely Chico had fun and games this morning.  First of all he went for a game of chase with his volunteer in the paddocks and then he learnt a new game of find the treat.  He had to use his nose and his brain to work out where the treats were in the ball pit.  He loved that game.  He then had a good brush and lots of cuddles. Dear little Chico, he would so love a family to call his own.

Homing Update

After a slow May things have really picked up again on the homing front.  The beautiful Sisters Jodie and Jill have been reserved and will be going home together.  Tudor, Missy and Freddie are reserved subject to home checks, Cookie is having a second visit from his potential family and Lofty has a third date with Mavis. Fingers crossed all goes well with the home checks and that Cookie and Lofty’s second and third dates go well.

Dart and Noah

We have unfortunately had two boys returned this week.
Noah went of to live with 2 other dogs.  One of the dogs decided that although she was happy to be in Noah’s company at kennels she didn’t want to share her home with him.  Noah’s family said Noah behaved impeccably in the short time he was homed including being clean in the house.
Things unfortunately didn’t work out for Dart either and he has been returned, like Noah he is back through no fault of his own.
Both of these lovely boys can be seen on our homeless hounds page.

A Fine Romance

Milly had a pleasant afternoon out on Wednesday.  She was taken for a walk around Alton Water Reservoir where she met a handsome young retriever named Darcy.  She gave Darcy a bit of a wide berth at first.  Not wishing to appear too keen she admired him from afar.  But he was so gorgeous she just couldn’t help herself and gradually she got closer and closer to him.  By the time they stopped at the cafe for a water break they had had their first kiss.
If nobody snaps up this sweet little girl beforehand she has a second date with Darcy next week.

A Mixed Weekend

The good news is that Joe has been reserved pending a home check.  The bad news Chico went home on Saturday and came back on Sunday because a member of his family  unfortunately developed an allergic reaction to him so he is now available again.  Both Noah and Miranda spent time with their new families who will be taking them home soon.

What a weekend!

With the good news that Bobby, Jack and Socks had been reserved on Saturday the weekend got off to a great start.  We then had a fabulous turn out for our monthly walk on Sunday and then to top it all Barney (now Otto) went to his forever home. He has a beautiful little girlfriend called Alice.
Good luck Barney you gorgeous boy, you go with much love from us all.