Skippy Goes Home

A chance meeting at the Hadleigh Show proved to be very lucky for Skippy. One of the Visitors to our stand came to kennels the following Saturday and introduced Skippy to Velvet a beautiful black Labrador. It went well and the home check was carried out straight away to enable Skippy to go home the very same day.
Here he is enjoying a spot of sun bathing with Velvet.

Mickey hits the Highway

Mickey (Minnie’s Highway) took to the road this weekend when he went to his forever home. What a lovely boy he is, an absolute pleasure to know. Here he is with his family. He had one last pose in his special jacket he wore when he won the Puppy Purse at Yarmouth..
Be happy Mickey. Much love.xx


Meet Dasher. The latest addition to our hounds awaiting their forever homes. Dasher is known as Dasher the Smasher at kennels because he has a smashing personality. He has a fabulous snowflake coat and is still a youngster, he isn’t two until August.

Slick Move for Sebastian

We have the most fantastic news! Our darling Seb (Slick Sebastian) who has been with us since August has found his forever home.
We don’t know why you waited so long Sebby we all think you are adorable. Have a wonderful life sweetheart. You go with so much love from us all. xx

Skye Goes Home

The weekend has got off to a good start with Skye (Whizzy Skye) going to her forever home. She has started her wardrobe collection already, going home with a lovely rain mac and a stunning collar as well as the normal things all of our hounds go home with. Good luck Skye we didn’t have you with us for long but long enough for you to find your way into our hearts. Be happy xx

Good luck Skye