Update on Russo

We are happy to report that Russo’s dental procedure went ahead successfully on Tuesday and he is now recovering in his Foster home.
Poor little fella had 22 teeth removed in total but in true laid back Russo fashion he has taken it all in his stride.
Russo has a check up next week and the week after he will be having the second part of his vaccinations.
We will be in touch with all of those who have kindly registered an interest in giving Russo a home as soon as he has been discharged from Veterinary care.

Urgent appeal for Russo

Due to a change in circumstances and health issues of his owner, we need to find a new home for Russo. He’s a nine year old, relaxed boy who is used to walking beside a wheelchair, never pulls on his lead and is fabulous with children. We would prefer him to go straight into a new home rather than back to our already full kennels. Can anybody help?

Des and Eske go home

Happy news for Des and Eske who both went home yesterday. Both are special boys – Des was returned to us and Eske had been waiting for such a long time for a home of his own – be happy fellas!

Two’s Company

We have three new arrivals this week. Lulu, Lucy and Denozo. Little smashers all three but Lucy and Denozo have been best friends and kennel buddies at their racing kennel and if at all possible we would like to home them together. If you have room in your heart and on your sofa to take a pair please consider them.


We are very pleased to be able to say that Greaves is settling brilliantly into his new home. He has a new greyhound friend called Major to help him adjust (and in turn he’s helping Major who lost his old greyhound friend recently), and his new family report that he is a wonderful, laid back boy. 

Thank you very much to all those who helped in finding him a home through sharing his story, and huge thanks to his new family for travelling to meet him and then pick him up. Be happy, Greaves!