Born in July 2015 Bosch (Racing name Swift Bosch) is an absolute delight. Happy and friendly he has settled in very well here at Dillymore.

Update 19/05/19 Bosch joined us for a walk in Dalham today. He traveled well in the car, laying down all the way there and back. He walked nicely on his lead and wasn’t worried by all the new sights and sounds he encountered.

Bosch wearing his ‘I need a home’ jacket

Update 29/07/19 Bosch joined us at the Suffolk Dog Day and was a real Gentleman around all other dogs and enjoyed lots of fuss from the Visitors to our stand.Bosch has waited so long for his forever home and we don’t know why. He is a lovely dog and will make a lovely pet for some lucky family.

Update 12/9 Bosch spent a little time in a home but didn’t get on very well with the little Westie after a day or two, we think that might be because the little dog was deaf and blind and Bosch perhaps couldn’t read the little dogs body language. He has always behaved well around small dogs when we have taken him out and about. We’re hoping that we can find another home for him quickly.

Update 14/09/19 Bosch has been to the Vets for his boosters this week. He soon made himself at home in the waiting room and was fine with the two dogs he met, one being a bouncy little Labrador puppy. He really relaxed after his injection, he took lots of treats from the Vet and then laid down while he waited for kennel friend Harry Brown to have his boosters.

Update 30/09/19 Bosch had a surprise today when he was taken out for the morning. He went for a Woodland walk where he made friends with Effie the Terrier, had a paddle in a stream and topped the morning off with a visit to Effie’s house where he tucked into a Banana!

Update 20/10/19 It was Bosch’s turn to have a sleepover at his Volunteers house this weekend. What a perfect house guest he was. He was taken to Alton Water a couple of times and was happy to meet other dogs and greeted their owners and other passers by like long lost friends. Bosch is such a loving dog with a fun loving personality. He really will make a wonderful pet for someone although he is so people orientated he would probably appreciate someone who is around a lot.

Bosch at Alton Water

Update 27/12/19 Bosch had another sleepover at his Auntie Avril’s house and once again he was the perfect guest. Bosch is a bright lad and soon learns ‘no’ if he touches something he shouldn’t. He is the most affectionate dog on the planet, so full of love but with just a little touch of devilment in him. He walks beautifully on his lead and on the occasions he has met other dogs out on his walks he has behaved impeccably.

Chilled out Bosch on a sleepover at his Auntie Avril’s house

Update 15/02/20 Bosch did a kind thing today. With his best friend Effie the Terrier he braved the wind and the rain to spend 5 hours looking for a poor Lurcher who has been on the loose and running scared in Stutton for the last 4 nights. His reward for being such a well behaved and helpful boy were frequent stops at a cafe for a warm and some treats followed by a sleepover at his Auntie Av’s house. No luck finding the Lurcher unfortunately but we are hoping he has found somewhere warm so he can ride out the storm

Update 04/04/20 Dear little Bosch we are renaming him Boomerang Bosch! He went home briefly but is back with us again. Everything will fall into place for him sooner or later. In the meantime he has been having fun with his Volunteer and her Lurcher Lottie, going on walks, playing in the garden with his tennis balls and having sleepovers.

Bosch with his bloved tennis ball

All greyhounds are neutered, have had their teeth cleaned and are inoculated. They each leave us with a collar and lead, muzzle and their worming and flea treatments up to date. They are all microchipped, details are transferred to the new owner. They also have four weeks free Petplan insurance.