Born in November 2012 Denozo (Racing Name Sanantone Jet) is one of our oldest boys. He is an absolute sweetheart albeit a little shy. Although he hasn’t lived with his kennel mate Lucy for all of his life, (he is 2 years older than her) they lived together for a long time at his racing kennel and he would very much like to go to a home with her. If you have room in your heart and on your sofa to take a pair please get in touch. It is not essential that they go together but it would be nice.

Update 14/08/19 Denozo joined us for his first show this weekend. He was so well behaved, laid back and showed excellent manners around all breeds of dogs

Update 11/09/19 Update. Denozo and Lucy have been living quite happily apart for the last few weeks because Lucy has been in season. We are confident now that they really don’t need to be homed together. However if you are looking for a pair these two get on like a house on fire.

Denozo with the purple collar with his friend Lucy at thr Greyhound Walks Show

All greyhounds are neutered, have had their teeth cleaned and are inoculated. They each leave us with a collar and lead, muzzle and their worming and flea treatments up to date. They are all microchipped, details are transferred to the new owner. They also have four weeks free insurance.