Born in October 2013 Bella is a lovely friendly girl who is settling in very well at Dillymore already!  She arrived today (5/10/16) with her litter sister Tilly and is currently sharing a kennel with her.

Update 20/11/16 BellBella Bodya and Tilly (We call them the squiggly sisters because that’s what they do, they ‘squiggle) had a trip out the other day.  They went to the Vets to have their boosters.  Not very exciting you may think but they loved it.  They stuck their little noses into everything and thought the Vet was there purely to make a fuss of them!   They were both very brave and enjoyed their ‘good girls’ biscuits.



Here’s Bella doing a good girl sit for her Aunty Avril, with her sister Tilly.