Born in March 2014 Ennis (Racing name Droopys Ennis) is a lovely friendly lad who hasn’t got a white blaze.  The stripe you see on his face is his cream, unfortunately he scratched his nose just before his photo shoot!  He is dead handsome with or without the cream.

Update 09/12/17  Ennis goes to school!  Ennis has been having lessons with local dog trainer Keyna.  He has been learning all about the big wide world and things he will encounter like different surfaces, obstacles and other animals when he finds his forever home.  Ennis is a very bright lad who enjoys his lessons and a walk around the village.  Most of all he loves the cuddles and the liver cake he gets from Keyna and his volunteer.  Bless him!


Update 1/1/18: Ennis hard work has paid off! He behaved very well on the New Year’s Day walk at Stutton and made many new friends.