Mistley Walk

The weather was kind to us again for our walks around Mistley today. Over 60 greyhounds and their friends came along. Kennel dogs Carrie and Joe came on their first outing and it was beginners luck for Joe as he was reserved. Beautiful Carrie will be snapped up soon we are sure, she behaved perfectly. We also took along our special boy Will who will soon be looking for that special someone who will have the love and time to help to blossom.  For a large selection of photos from today’s walk please visit our Facebook page.Handsome Will

Jacob goes out for a play date

Our longest stayer Jacob went out for the afternoon with his volunteer Michelle and her family.  He enjoyed a lovely walk around the fields with their two greyhounds and then went back to their house to have some lovely treats and to meet their old Jack Russell Harley.  He had great fun playing ball games, he especially liked being piggy in the middle. The children absolutely loved him because not only was he good fun but he was very affectionate and gave them lots of kisses.

Mickey and Sonny go to the Park

Mickey and Sonny had their first outing from kennels today. They went to the local park and loved everything about it, the sights, sounds and smells. They even stopped and watched a few minutes of the football match. Both boys behaved well and walked nicely on their leads however they were spooked by a barking little dog. Guess they will soon get the hang of those once they realise they are dogs albeit not as tall as they are.

Sky, Hawk and Blake’s Mistley walk

There wasn’t much going on at kennels today, so we decided to take three handsome boys out for a trial run of the Mistley short walk (which will take place on 26th February). All three boys behaved impeccably, such characters all in their own ways.

This was the first time out of kennels with us for all three boys. They were interested in the big wide world, but took it in their stride admirably. Left to right – Sky, Hawk and Blake. There are more photos of these handsome fellas on our facebook page.

Cuddles makes himself at home

Here is cuddles who went home yesterday.  We have spoken to his owner this evening and he says he is doing very well, loves his pigs ears, walks and meeting other dogs.  Oh and looking out of the window or resting on the sill!