Sky, Hawk and Blake’s Mistley walk

There wasn’t much going on at kennels today, so we decided to take three handsome boys out for a trial run of the Mistley short walk (which will take place on 26th February). All three boys behaved impeccably, such characters all in their own ways.

This was the first time out of kennels with us for all three boys. They were interested in the big wide world, but took it in their stride admirably. Left to right – Sky, Hawk and Blake. There are more photos of these handsome fellas on our facebook page.

Cuddles makes himself at home

Here is cuddles who went home yesterday.  We have spoken to his owner this evening and he says he is doing very well, loves his pigs ears, walks and meeting other dogs.  Oh and looking out of the window or resting on the sill!


Let’s hear it for the boys!

Good news for two of our super black boys this weekend.  Cuddles and Ollie were both chosen and have gone home.
It was love at first sight for these lucky boys as they were the first two shown and made such an impression on their prospective owners that the other dogs didn’t get a look in.
Good luck Cuddles and Ollie, be happy.  You go with much love from us all.

Not such good news for our Lyndsey though, we had to break the news to her that she wasn’t going home after all.  This loving, happy little soul will soon be snapped up by some lucky family.  Take a look at her on our homeless hounds page.

Weekend Update

After a sad and miserable start to the week with the passing of dear Alfie we are ending it on a happier note.  Blaze has gone home and Stan and Woodie have both been reserved.  They will be going home once their home checks have been completed and they have had their ‘Man ops’

Alfie – Look out for Zues

It is with great sadness we have to tell you that after a short illness dear Alfie has had to be put to sleep.  Alfie came back to kennels last year after 3 and a half years in a loving home when his owner became too ill to look after him.  But following an appeal on here a new family came forward and took Alfie into their hearts and their home.  They are understandably devastated by their loss and our thoughts are with them.
Alfie was such a loving boy who craved affection.  He made friends easily and will be much missed by his family and his greyhound friend Poppy who he would chase after in the park most days.
Alfie your life may have been shorter than we all would have wished but it was a life surrounded by people who loved you very much.  We take much comfort from that. Sleep tight sweetheart you will never be forgotten.

Cuddly AlfieThis photo sums up Alfie the cuddle monster perfectly. He couldn’t have been more loved.
Alfie Body