Born in November 2016 Puma (Racing name Oak vale Puma) is full of bounce. In his excitement to get to his paddock he can be strong on the lead but we are sure he will settle down and soon learn some lead manners. He is such a happy chap who never stops wagging his tail. He loves liver cake so that could be the key to his training.
Update. 20/07/20 Puma has been with us for a while now and during that time his manners have improved no end. He can now walk nicely on his lead and although still excited to see you at his kennel door he quickly settles so you can get his lead on him. Puma has had a sleepover at his Volunteers house this weekend and was the perfect house guest. Here is what she had to say about him

Puma was a brilliant house guest overnight on Saturday and into Sunday afternoon. He was clean in the house, well behaved, (he didn’t attempt to climb on the sofas). He was a chilled out chappie and wasn’t ‘needy’ at all. He was very happy to lay on his bed, whilst I wandered around the house and into garden and seemed totally relaxed and content.
When out and about, he walked very nicely on a collar & lead and the harness & lead. (Double bubble leaded!). One time he barked at a nearby cat, but was backing away from it and not pulling me towards it. He saw 5 or 6 different breeds of dogs when out walking, however he only barked at a small terrier type dog. With all the other dogs, Puma was very alert to them, looking at them with his wonderful enveloped ears up. However, he did not bark or growl, pull on the lead to get to them or act aggressively towards them. He was merely interested in the dogs and possibly / probably excited or nervous, or both, to see them, but his behaviour was not extreme at all, nor was it aggressive or a problem.
He is a beautiful, sleek, glossy coated and silky smooth boy who is happy, relaxed and loves a good tummy rub! “

Update 31/07/20. More info from Ness, Puma’s Volunteer as his weeks holiday has progressed, this is what she says.

“Puma started the week superbly and has just gone from strength to strength. 
He is a fantastic house guest, great with big and little people of all ages and a well behaved & affectionate companion.   
He has also discovered sofas! 🛋Pics to prove!
We enjoyed a gorgeous walk yesterday in glorious sunshine and Suffolk countryside. Pics attached.
Puma walks very nicely with just the harness and lead. No problems with pulling or direction of travel.
We encountered two dogs barking at one another and Puma was very reluctant to go anywhere near them. He walked very slowly, was unsure of the situation / himself and showed wariness & anxiousness by rapid panting / change of breathing. I have not witnessed any aggressive behaviour at all. 
Puma did not bark or lunge at either dog and returned to his usual breathing, walking speed, confident, inquisitive, alert and relaxed state when the situation had dissipated.
Although Puma will bark at dogs who bark at him first and he wants to chase dogs who are running about, especially smaller ones, he has noticeably improved over the week. I think he’ll get better and better as he gains experience and confidence. 
I am very happy to have him stay anytime, however I am sure he will make a wonderful companion to someone / a couple / a family.
Puma is affectionate, cuddly, playful, alert, bright, confident, relaxed and always excited to go out for a walk. So, a real sweetie and heart stealer!
It’s been a lovely week”.

All greyhounds are neutered, have had their teeth cleaned and are inoculated. They each leave us with a collar and lead, muzzle and their worming and flea treatments up to date. They are all microchipped, details are transferred to the new owner. They also have four weeks free insurance.