Taylor (Bramble Taylor) is a good-natured five year old boy in need of a few manners. We will be working with him to teach him the basics – his name, how to take treats, how to respond to commands while walking on the lead. Other than that, he is a friendly, happy boy and we think he will learn quickly!

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Update 01/11/19 What a difference a few weeks makes. Taylor has been learning good manners and was absolutely perfect when he was taken out and about around the village yesterday. He visited a garden centre and a cafe and behaved perfectly making friends with everyone he met. What a lovely affectionate boy he is.

Update 03/01/2020 Taylor joined us for our New Years Day walk at Alton Water. He had a great time but was a bit over excited around a small dog so we think he would be great as an only dog with an experienced owner. In our experience he is great with other Greyhounds Please don’t be put off of Taylor because of his current aversion to small dogs, he is a quick learner and an experienced owner with patience may well be able to work through this with him. We would be more than happy to contribute towards the cost of socialization classes should that be necessary. Taylor has so much to offer, he really is one of the most affectionate dogs in the kennel. We all adore him.

Update 21/01/20

Taylor (Bramble Taylor) recently had a sleepover at his Volunteers house. This is what she had to say about him.
“Taylor has a bouncy & playful side to his personality, which is fabulous to see, such a happy and contented boy.”
“Interestingly, in the park, we met a little girl Saluki/whippet cross, whom Taylor greeted like a fellow ‘greyhound’ and was not particularly interested in. However, Taylor was very interested, intrigued, curious and possibly perplexed by and certainly excited about the small, fluffy, strange shaped, ‘greyhounds’. I think he just wants to play and interact with them, but he isn’t sure how to or quite what to make of them. If he could meet and socialise with a few little doggies, I think he would get over this and discover that he could play nicely with them.”
“I just love Taylor’s affectionate, bright, playful and excitable, bouncy personality. Taylor is very cuddly and very happy to be embraced in his humans arms and have a little snuggle”

Is there anybody out there who could offer this fun loving and affectionate boy a forever home? We would be happy to provide the support of our dog trainer to advise on his socialisation with small or fluffy breeds. While he waits we aim to take him to a local dog training class.

Update 08/02/20 Taylor was over the moon to see his Volunteer today. He was given the good news that he will be starting the first of his 6 weeks of training sessions very shortly.

Update 23/02/20 Taylor had another sleepover at his Volunteers house last night. He had a great time. He played with her slippers as well as the two new toys she had bought him, did a bit of security work by checking the contents of her handbag (but not chewing anything) and then he woke her up by snuggling up to her pillow and reminding her she had to get up to take him on our monthly walk. Taylor will be starting his training course next Sunday.

Update 27/03/20 Prior to them being cancelled due to the Coronavirus Taylor had been attending his training classes on a Sunday morning with his Volunteer Ness. He found the first one a little overwhelming when faced with so many dogs of different shapes and sizes, not one of them looked like him. He took a couple of breaks just to gather himself.
By week two he was much less stressed by the whole thing and joined in most of the activities.
Well done Taylor and thank you to Ness for not only taking him to his classes but for spoiling him rotten on his sleepovers with you.

Update 27/07/20 Taylor went home briefly he was the perfect house guest, well mannered and clean in the house, he went to work a couple of times with his adopter and loved meeting people. However it is clear he still needs further training regarding small dogs. We know the right home is out there for Taylor, someone with experience of such behaviour and somewhere where he could be an only dog would be great. We are happy to contribute towards the cost of his training. Taylor has so many positive points.

Update 23/09/20 Since our last update Taylor has had several sleepovers with his Volunteer, last weekend he had another and this is what she had to say about him.

Taylor and I had a great time walking around Languard, Felixstowe. He helped me pick blackberries and we watched a huge container ship dock and then the rather smaller foot ferry land on the shingled beached.
On Sunday we wandered about Melford Country Park. Taylor was very well behaved even though two small dogs off the lead ran right up to him. I think Taylor was very surprised by two ‘rabbit-dogs’ scampering up to him!”

Taylor in the white muzzle making friends
Taylor with the red muzzle on the New Years Day walk with his kennel mate Lulu

Above. Photos of Taylor when he had a sleepover at his Volunteers house

All greyhounds are neutered, have had their teeth cleaned and are inoculated. They each leave us with a collar and lead, muzzle and their worming and flea treatments up to date. They are all microchipped, details are transferred to the new owner. They also have four weeks free insurance.