Jack Goes Home

Great news for Dillymore Jack who doesn’t really do alone.

He was introduced to Wildfire Jimmy on Saturday and they got on very well.

Jack has been the perfect Gentleman whilst out on his walks, friendly to everyone and every dog he has met.

Jack came to Dillymore at just 12 weeks old and so as you can imagine there was barely a dry eye in the yard when we saw him off but of course they were happy tears.

We will miss you Jack but we know you will be loved beyond measure.

Jack with the black coat

An Evening Walk in Shotley

Around 40 Greyhounds and their companions joined us for a stroll along the marina and through the village of Shotley. Recently homed Shirley (Valley;s Girl) and Sky (Raging Sky) came along on their first Greyhound walk as pets and Pablo (Another Pablo) whose family homed him straight from his racing owner after loosing their beloved Steel came along to meet us all.

We also welcomed baby Sienna. Congratulations to Lee, Lisa and Kyle.

APOLOGIES for the poor quality of the photo, camera malfunction, operator error and a smeared lens!
There are a few more on our Facebook page.

July Walk

Sorry everyone but the post code for the July walk at Shotley was incorrect. It should have been IP9 1JQ
We are welcome at The Shipwreck until it closes at 9pm. The Bristol Arms will be open until 11pm

Tendring Show

A hot but successful day at The Tendring Show yesterday.

Kennel dog Sid (Icaals Danny) came along for the morning. It was Sid’s first day out and he coped remarkably well. He is such a sweetheart.

Thanks as always to the Volunteers and our Greyhound Ambassadors and to all who visited our stand.

Sid (Icaals Danny) making a friend

Breeze Goes Home

All comes to he who waits! My goodness Breeze (Oh Sea Breeze) waited so long for a family who didn’t mind him jumping all over them the moment they met him.

This bouncy, happy fun loving boy went home today and we will miss him like mad!

Good luck Breeze you go with much love from us all xxx

News from Kennels this Weekend

This could be something of a branch record.

Hather Pearl was returned yesterday through absolutely no fault of her own.

We took her for a little walk around the field and she met Italian Greyhound Noodle and that was that.

Pearl was returned and then reserved in less than 10 minutes and went home today. Bless her we are so pleased for her.

In other news Sky (Raging Sky) was reserved and will be going home next week. They really are their own best advert. Sky met lots of people and other dogs whilst her new owner was completing some paperwork and she endeared herself to all.

Cleo was practicing walking on a big girls collar and lead and once she settled was very well behaved. She even went for a walk with Dave (Illewin Attempt) who had come to visit. They got on like a house on fire. Fingers crossed Cleo doesn’t wait too much longer for her new home.

Homing News

We have updates on T.J Vera Alice and Flora.

All have settled in to their new homes very well. We couldn’t be more pleased for the all.

Rendahm Walk

Around 30 hounds joined us for a beautiful walk through the lovely village of Rendham and the surrounding countryside.

Kennel dogs Shirley (Valley Girl) wearing a pink muzzle and Sky (Raging Sky) wearing the Sky Blue muzzle behaved brilliantly, they hadn’t been out walking with us before. Shirley got to know Tony (Whatugonnado) a little better. She will be going to live with him soon.

Many thanks to Sharon and Mike for leading the walk and the The White Horse pub and Juniper Cafe for welcoming us to their premises after the walk.