News from Kennels this Weekend

This could be something of a branch record.

Hather Pearl was returned yesterday through absolutely no fault of her own.

We took her for a little walk around the field and she met Italian Greyhound Noodle and that was that.

Pearl was returned and then reserved in less than 10 minutes and went home today. Bless her we are so pleased for her.

In other news Sky (Raging Sky) was reserved and will be going home next week. They really are their own best advert. Sky met lots of people and other dogs whilst her new owner was completing some paperwork and she endeared herself to all.

Cleo was practicing walking on a big girls collar and lead and once she settled was very well behaved. She even went for a walk with Dave (Illewin Attempt) who had come to visit. They got on like a house on fire. Fingers crossed Cleo doesn’t wait too much longer for her new home.

Rendahm Walk

Around 30 hounds joined us for a beautiful walk through the lovely village of Rendham and the surrounding countryside.

Kennel dogs Shirley (Valley Girl) wearing a pink muzzle and Sky (Raging Sky) wearing the Sky Blue muzzle behaved brilliantly, they hadn’t been out walking with us before. Shirley got to know Tony (Whatugonnado) a little better. She will be going to live with him soon.

Many thanks to Sharon and Mike for leading the walk and the The White Horse pub and Juniper Cafe for welcoming us to their premises after the walk.

Good luck T.J and Vera Alice

It’s been an exciting morning at kennels!

T.J had the surprise of his life when he was unexpectedly chosen and taken home.

Breeze who seems to have waited forever for his home was reserved and will be going home next week

Vera Alice went home with her forever family

Butch had a visit from his new family and will be going home shortly.

Last but by no means least Sky will be meeting her prospective family for a second time next Saturday.

Good luck T.J. and Vera Alice in your new homes and fingers crossed Sky’s second visit goes well.

Sleep Tight Lovely May

We have just heard the sad news that May has crossed the bridge.

May was the sweetest girl who along with her best friend Tony joined us on many of our walks.

Below is her family’s loving tribute to her.

‘May was our first greyhound and what a happy and mischievous little girl. She was so good from day one, a perfect greyhound ambassador. She loved her treats and her comforts. We miss her so much and also her brother Tony is lost without her’

May your happy little soul fly high and free sweetheart. You were always so happy to see everyone. xx

Rendham Walk Update

Rendham Walk update

In addition to The White Hart making us welcome the Juniper Cafe which is behind the Church is offering a hot drink, a slice of cake and a Bonio for £5

It is open until 1pm.

If you think you would like to indulge please email us at so that walk organiser Sharon can give them an idea of numbers.

Looking forward to seeing you all.


Just a quick reminder that we have our walk on Sunday in Rendham. All the details are in the What’s on section, including who to contact should you want to eat at The White Horse pub.

We hope to start at 10.45 in case it is hot.

Appeal for Duvets

Kennels are in need of some duvets. If you have any spare they would be most grateful. Kennels are manned 24/7 but the best time to drop them off is any day between 10am and 12 noon or 2pm and 4pm. or perhaps you could bring them along to one of our walks if that is more convenient for you.

Thank you so much.

Little Mo’s Progress

We have had a lovely update from little Mo’s family.

You may remember Mo was featured in the Homer magazine because she had to overcome great shyness and was a nervous wreck when she arrived at Dillymore.

What a difference 12 months with a loving, caring and patient family has made to this little girl.

Her family now say she has come such a long way and although still wary in some situations she loves a fuss and her personality is really shining through, in fact she is a little rascal when the mood takes her but they love her all the more for it.

Understandably many would have overlooked little Mo, she didn’t exactly show well but thankfully her family saw beyond that shy, scared, exterior, in fact they wouldn’t even consider another dog and we will be forever grateful to them for that.

Below are some photos of Mo and her best friend Beano who has played no small part in building Mo’s confidence.

Blossom at Home

We have had news of Blossom who went to live with the lovely Buick.

They are getting on very well and Blossom has really settled in. She is good on her lead, great with other dogs and loves her food!

She is however an early riser! We will blame her kennel family for that, they start their days very early. We are sure Blossom will learn how to have a lay in very soon, we all know they love their sleep!