Sleep Tight Connie

A sad post as we hear that Connie has crossed the bridge at the grand age of 14.

Connie’s family have written a beautiful tribute to her which we share below.

“For the first few weeks with us Connie was quite apprehensive and kept her distance, occasionally hiding in a wardrobe, but she steadily grew in confidence to became the most affectionate grey we’ve ever had, demanding lots and lots of cuddles. She soon became used to our routine, knowing when it was dinner time and when it was walkie time especially if we were to go out to different places in the car. She loved her food too and would charge in for breakfast after her early morning walk, as the floorboards reverberating under her enthusiastic paws.

She attended good citizen classes achieving a bronze award.

By the age of 14 she’d become quite saggy in her hind legs and was also diagnosed with arthritis, but a combination of laser treatment, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and several drugs saw huge improvement and had given her about an extra year of good quality life.

She eventually became a victim of Degenerative Myelopathy and we’re heartbroken to report that she was helped over the bridge, peacefully, yesterday afternoon at home surrounded by those who loved her so much.

Connie really was perfect and we will be forever grateful to the wonderful people at GreyhoundHomer for allowing us to adopt such a beautiful dog.

Sleep well, Connie.

Many thanks to Connie’s family for their kind words but also for giving Connie the love, time and patience to allow her to become her best and most confident self. We are so grateful for that.

Rest easy Connie you were loved beyond compare.xx

Pawsome Matches Meet and Greet Session

A fantastic opportunity has arisen for us to show case our Greyhound Ambassadors on Saturday.

We have been invited to hold an awareness day at the Arc Shopping Centre Bury St Edmunds.

Do read the poster below and book your very own doggy caricature. The organisers have kindly provided Caricature images of some of our homeless hounds.

Special Appeal

The boys are back in town!

Unfortunately due to a change in circumstances Zola and Max are now looking for a forever home together. We cannot separate them.

The boys have had issues with separation anxiety and so are looking for a home where someone is home all of the time in the first instance to spend time working on this.

They have joined us on one of our monthly walks and behaved well.

The boys have been out with our Volunteers and they have also had a weekend break with two of them.

this is what they have said about them.:-

“Both were great in the house, they had an explore and sniff around, but settled down quickly. They laid down when travelling in the car. Zola likes to be with his human most of the time, or at least to know where they are at all times. Max is both a little nervous at times (especially with Rob), and also more inquisitive & playful. Zola being calmer but more clingy. Both slept well, Zola by the bed and Max in the lounge (in his bed, but I suspect also on the sofa!). Both gave a little whine when they needed to go out for a toilet break.

When out both dogs want to be in sight of each other at all times & both walk nicely on their leads. Max usually taking the lead, Zola happy to follow along. Both looked at other breeds of dogs with interest, but no pulling on the lead, lunging at or barking at any dogs at all. They were very well-behaved.

In the house, they seemed more relaxed to let one another out of their sight and did not lay together or need to be in the same room as each other. Both liked a cuddle & being stroked, especially Zola who was a huge cuddle monster! They are lovely stripey boys!

I think they need to be with an active couple who are around the vast majority of the time, (one person with them all the time really), either without any children or with a couple with older children/ teenagers who are interested in them. I don’t think having young children around all the time would be a good fit. These two need to be the main focus fur babies!
To arrange to meet Zola and Max please contact Emma on 07889904874


Great news. Nicola (Oh Cosmopolitan) has been reunited with her brother Slamma (Oh Alabamaslamma).
She went home with him on Saturday. Such lovely news as they had been kenneled together when they were both racing.
Both have very regal names.Nicola will be Anput and Slamma is Anubus .
Good luck little Nicola, affectionately known at kennels as the little pocket rocket. We couldn’t be more pleased for you and Slamma.
Be happy sweetheart, you will be missed xx

Diego is Available Again

Unfortunately Diego’s home didn’t work out and he has now been returned to kennels. Whilst waiting for his kennel to be prepared Diego spent time with his Kennel Hand and Volunteer Emma where he was treated to chicken nuggets, sardines and lots of cuddles.

Better luck next time Diego every pot has it’s lid and we will continue to look for yours.

Rest Easy Roger

A very sad day today as we learned that Roger (Colleagh Recruit) has crossed the bridge just shy of his 8th birthday. After surviving cancer in his tail earlier this year he took a bad turn last week and his heartbroken family made the hardest but kindest decision not to let him suffer.

They have written this lovely tribute to him below:-

Wanted to let you know that Roger left us on Thursday this week. Immeasurable sadness is the only way of expressing the feeling of losing him. Nearly made it to his 8th birthday. Had such a lovely journey with such a sweet, funny, loving and loyal boy. Lost our nap buddy, just won’t be the same.

Roger was an absolute joy to have in kennels and our hearts go out to his family, he was loved beyond compare and we thank them for the wonderful home they gave him.

Sleep tight Roger, you will never be forgotten by those who knew and loved you xx

Sleep Tight Spike

We sometimes have to post the saddest of messages and today is no exception.

We have heard from Spike’s (Little Sheikh) owner to say that sadly following a massive stroke her dearest Spike was put to sleep last Thursday.

Below is the lovely tribute she has written about her special boy:-

“Spike was a beautiful, kind, gentle friendly boy. I was so lucky to have him in my life and to have had his friendship. I miss him terribly but he has left me with some wonderful memories”

We can all relate to that, the pain of loosing them is so great but we know that one day we will think of them and the memories they have left us with and we will smile before the tears begin to fall.

Thank you for giving Spike such a happy and loving home.

Rest easy dear Spike knowing you couldn’t have known a greater love than that of your owner who will hold you in her heart forever.

Spike 05/04/2012 – 06/06/2024

Royal British Legion D-Day

Today we attended the Royal British Legion 80th D-Day commemorations in Woodbridge.

Thank you to all who visited our stand and as always to our Greyhound Ambassadors.

Monks Eleigh Fete and Dog Show

This weekend we attended the Monks Eleigh village fete and fun dog show.

The weather was kind and a good time was had by all. Our Ambassadors Jessica, Arthur, Charlie and Bob gave another excellent performance showing everyone what great pets Greyhounds make.

Kennel dog Bear came along and was an absolute super star, happy to have a fuss from everyone he met, in fact he demanded it. Bear also came fourth in the handsome dog competition. Well done Bear, obviously you will always win first place in our hearts.

Larry Appeal

UPDATE. Fantastic news Larry is safe!

He ran into the arms of his special person a few minutes ago.

Huge thanks to all who kept an eye open for him or sent best wishes. Also to the family who rang to let us know he had been in their paddock and to the owners of Park Farms for their help and understanding.

Extra special thanks to the fantastic charity Drone To Home for their assistance .

Shame on the scammers who tried to impersonate them.


Larry has slipped his collar and is running loose.

Last seen at Park House Farm Layer Marney CO5 9UH

If you are in the area and spot Larry PLEASE don’t approach him as he is very nervous and will bolt.

Please report any sightings of him with as much detail as possible to Avril on 07826736386

Thank You.

UPDATE. Larry is still missing although we know he is in the area in which he was lost as there have been sightings of him there. We have volunteers looking, the drone company will help tomorrow morning if they have a drone operator in the area and Larry’s favourite person is keeping an overnight vigil in the place he was lost. We we will keep you all updated.