Hadleigh Show

On Saturday we attended the Hadleigh show.  Kennel dogs Ruby and Blue came along in the morning and Davey and Sprite spent the afternoon with us.  All four of them enjoyed lots of fuss and attention from the visitors to the stall and all made friends with various other breeds of dogs.


2 thoughts on “Hadleigh Show”

  1. I met Davey at the Hadleigh show and shared lots of cuddles and strokes and want to bring him home. We have 3 Yorkies and no kids. I cannot wait to walk my long legged new love with my little legged friends! I’m a dog groomer by trade. Xx

    1. Laura, that would be nice for Davey to have a home. Must see how he is with the Yorkies though! He was very good with small dogs at the show but we would need to see how he reacted off lead in a paddock.
      Please contact us if you would like to proceed and we can make arrangements for you to come to kennels and also to have a home check.

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