R.S.P.C.A Fun Day

Thank you to the R.S.P.C.A  Martlesham for inviting us to take part in their fun day today.  We took along Mundo, Nassau and Yunny.  It was the first social event they had attended.  Well what little Superstars they were.  Yunny wanted to be at the front of the stand from the off and barely stopped greeting people all day,  Nassau was very laid back and enjoyed lots of fuss.  Poor Mundo had a terrible experience when he first arrived.  He was shouted at by 2 dogs.  Well that sent him diving for cover beneath Volunteer Sue’s skirt!  However after a cuddle behind the stand and a spell on Sue’s lap he soon regained his confidence and enjoyed the rest of the day.
We were visited by several of our homed hounds and they did a fantastic job, helping out on the stand by promoting their fellow hounds that are still waiting to be chosen.
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