Sleep Tight Connie

A sad post as we hear that Connie has crossed the bridge at the grand age of 14.

Connie’s family have written a beautiful tribute to her which we share below.

“For the first few weeks with us Connie was quite apprehensive and kept her distance, occasionally hiding in a wardrobe, but she steadily grew in confidence to became the most affectionate grey we’ve ever had, demanding lots and lots of cuddles. She soon became used to our routine, knowing when it was dinner time and when it was walkie time especially if we were to go out to different places in the car. She loved her food too and would charge in for breakfast after her early morning walk, as the floorboards reverberating under her enthusiastic paws.

She attended good citizen classes achieving a bronze award.

By the age of 14 she’d become quite saggy in her hind legs and was also diagnosed with arthritis, but a combination of laser treatment, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and several drugs saw huge improvement and had given her about an extra year of good quality life.

She eventually became a victim of Degenerative Myelopathy and we’re heartbroken to report that she was helped over the bridge, peacefully, yesterday afternoon at home surrounded by those who loved her so much.

Connie really was perfect and we will be forever grateful to the wonderful people at GreyhoundHomer for allowing us to adopt such a beautiful dog.

Sleep well, Connie.

Many thanks to Connie’s family for their kind words but also for giving Connie the love, time and patience to allow her to become her best and most confident self. We are so grateful for that.

Rest easy Connie you were loved beyond compare.xx