It is with much sadness that we have to announce that Molly has passed away.
Following a routine operation it was discovered that Molly had a health condition for which unfortunately there was no cure.  After a lengthy consultation with the Vet it was decided that the kindest thing to do was to put her to sleep.
We are all very upset that such a difficult decision had to be made especially so soon after having to do the same for our gentle giant Fred.  But hard as it is we must always put the welfare of the dog above all else.
Run free dear little Molly you were such a sweetheart.MollyHead

Junior aka Littleman

It is with great sadness we announce than John and Deb have had to say goodbye to Junior (Littleman).  He had become very unsteady on his back legs and when it became clear there was no further treatment available to improve the quality of his life they made the heartbreaking decision to let him cross the Rainbow Bridge.

Junior was such a larger than life character and very much a part of life at Dillymore.

He would sit in the racing van every morning watching the comings and goings of kennel life and loved to walk the grounds with John, only leaving his side if there was a biscuit or a sausage in the offing!  Junior loved his biscuits and sausages.

He had no aspirations to be as skinny as a greyhound!

He was much loved not only by John and Deb but by staff, volunteers and regular visitors to the kennels alike and will be sadly missed.

Run free Littleman, you were one special boy and those that knew you will love and remember you always.

Littlemabn Resized


We are pleased to announce that Ralph has found his forever home.  He has gone to live with Magic and her family.  It was like love at first sight. Magic didn’t need to meet any of our other lovely boys because Ralph bowled her over with his handsome face and gentle manners. Here they are sharing a bed.

Ralph & Magic Resized


We have had an update on Younger who went home recently.  He is now called Holden.  His new owner tells us he has mastered the stairs, is no longer worried about the television and loves to sleep stretched out in front of the fire.  He says of him “He is a wonderful chap and I love him so much already”.  Isn’t that lovely to hear.

L.J and Star’s day out

L.J and Star had a few hours out of kennels this weekend.  They visited Hearts Delight, a garden centre in Lawford near Manningtree.  Both were excited to be there and behaved brilliantly.  They had lots of fuss from the staff and customers which they loved.  L.J got to give out lots of his kisses and Star’s tail hardly stopped wagging.  Here they are making friends with a family in the dog friendly area of the cafe.  To see more photos of their day out please visit our facebook page.

Hearts Delight Resized

Will has a lovely suprise

Will our special boy at kennels has had a lovely surprise. His old kennel mate Bo has returned to kennels to wait for her forever home.  Will adored Bo and missed her like mad when she went off to start her racing career.  He was quite literally jumping for joy when he realised he would be sharing with her again.

IMG_1711 (2)