Harry Romeo Hanzo

Born in April 2021 Harry whose racing name is Romeo Hanzo is quite small for a boy. He appeared a little bit shy on his photo shoot with his little tail tucked under but to be fair he has only just arrived. However he seems to have taken to his kennel helper Emma and went off happily with her wagging his tail.
Update 23/02/24. We have a little more information on Harry.
Firstly one of our followers said this “We have Harry’s brother, Romeo Turbo (Turbo). If he’s much the same has Turbo, the adopter will have a fabulous pet”.
And then his racing kennel have said this “He is exactly the same as Turbo just a bit timid when he first meets new people They spent their whole lives kennelled together in Ireland before Turbo came to us and then later Harry.

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