Born in August 2013 Cracker really is a little cracker.  Happy, alert, inquisitive and a real tail wagger.  He loves his treats.

Update 22/10/16 Cracker is really enjoying his time at Dillymore.  Especially now he is sharing his kennel with a beautiful young lady!  They are having such fun together.  He looks dapper in his new pyjamas too.

Update 24/10/16 Cracker helped to raise funds for the East Anlian air ambulance service when he took part in a five mile walk on Sunday.  He did really well given it was his first day out of kennels.  He was accompanied by his best friend Beanie and was in awe of Davey’s confidence around all sorts of ‘scary objects’ such as steps, bridges and other breeds of dogs.  He really enjoyed himself but was so tired he slept all the way home.

Update 01/01/17 Cracker joined us for our New Years Day walk at Stutton.  He walked beautifully on his lead and was great around the other dogs. He enjoyed lots of fuss and some treats back at the Community Hall.  He is a playful chap, he was having great fun playing with the broom his Volunteer Michelle was trying to sweep the hall with.
DSC_0206 (2) (Large)

Cracker's Body