Mickey (now Flynn)

Mickey Body cBorn in March 2013 Mickey is a lively and happy boy.  He loves a fuss, is always pleased to see you and walks beautifully on his lead.

Update 18/02/17  Mickey had his first adventure outside of kennels today when he went to the park with kennel mate Sonny.  He loved the new sights, sounds and smells and even took an interest in the football match.  He behaved very well and walked beautifully on his lead.


Update 27/03/17
Mickey took part in a meet and greet event on Manningtree market over the weekend. He coped very well with all of the new sights and sounds he experienced and he loved the ear rubs and cuddles form the people that stopped to speak to him. Here he is watching the football match!

Mickey at a meet and greet event on Manningtree market.


Update 11/06/17 Mickey joined us for the Great Global Greyhound Walk in Woodbridge today. Mickey likes to be out and about.  He had great fun meeting the other breeds of dogs and watching the ball games on the park.


Update 23/07/17  Mickey and his kennel mate Sonny were brave little soldiers this week when they went to the Vets for their ‘man ops’ by Saturday both boys were full of beans, their usual happy little selves.


All greyhounds are neutered, have had their teeth cleaned and are inoculated. They each leave us with a new coat, collar and lead, muzzle and their worming and flea treatments up to date.. They are all microchipped, details are transferred to the new owner. They also have four weeks free Petplan insurance.