MoodyBorn in November 2012, Moody is a happy big lad, and very affectionate with all humans. At first Moody liked his space around other dogs and we thought he needed to be an only dog but…. Please read below to see what progress Moody has made.

Update 11/6/16 Moody has had a busy couple of days.  On Friday he went to visit our training lady and learned all about good manners with other dogs.  She was most impressed with him, he walked nicely side by side with a German shepherd dog and a retriever.  He totally ignored some yapping small dogs and didn’t bother with some loose dogs running in the distance. So pleased with his excellent manners she has said it is not necessary for him to go again. Well done Moody maybe you could live with another dog after all.

After the excitement of his training lesson on Friday Moody couldn’t believe it when heMoody tucking into ice cream for website was picked to go out of kennels again today.  This time it was to go to a doggy tea party with Lee, held at Gladwells, Copdock Mill.  He met several more breeds of dogs. He behaved very well around them, so well that by the end of the party he had had his muzzle taken off.  He also met children and had a perusal at the goods for sale in the shop.

Update 27/6/16  Moody went to his first show this weekend when he joined us at the Colchester Food and Drink Festival. He behaved extremely well and enjoyed lots of fuss from his adoring public. He really is a lovely chap who would make a super pet for some lucky family.

Update 22/8/16 Moody recently spent an afternoon with us at the Ipswich YM Rugby club fete.  As always he behaved very well. He enjoyed an ice cream and lots of fuss, he especially loved cuddles from his Auntie Angie.  Moody walks beautifully on his lead and although he showed an interest in different breeds of dogs he did not try to chase after them or pull on his lead.

Moodys turn next for websiteUpdate 28/8/16 Moody is becoming a bit of an old hand at this show lark.  He joined us today at the Clacton Food and Drinks Festival.  He behaved brilliantly all day, even when a rather large noisy dog scared the living daylights out of him! He loves the special treats he has when he is out and about with us.  Today he enjoyed a beefburger and a nice cup of tea.

Moody resting on Betty

Update 06/9/16 Moody is getting to be an old hand at this show lark.  He spent the afternoon with us at the Bentley fete along with kennel mates Claire, Rockie and Davey.

Update 13/9/16 Moody has been to a birthday party.  He loved it, there were lots of attractions it was more of a birthday fete really.  His favourite bit was having a tummy tickle.

Update 20/9/16 Moody came to the Henham Steam Rally with his kennel mates at the weekend, as usual he behaved well and enjoyed lots of tummy tickles from his Auntie Sue.

Moody thought Betty was just the right height, she made a wonderful head rest.

Moody gets a tummy tickle

All greyhounds are neutered, have had their teeth cleaned and are inoculated. They each leave us with a new coat, collar and lead, muzzle, wormers and flea treatment. They are all microchipped, details are transferred to the new owner. They also have four weeks free Petplan insurance.