Born in July 2017 Mac (Racing name Droopy’s Mac) had only just arrived when his photo was taken but he was such a happy chap with his tail endlessly wagging you would have thought he had always been here. More as we get to know him.

Update 01/10/21 Mac recently attended a village fete. He was a little overwhelmed but it was his first trip out. He was happy to have lots of cuddles but he really needs to get out more as he found the dog show a bit of a trial! He had never seen other breeds of dogs before bless him.

Update 21/12/21. Mac has recently been on a Greyhound only walk in a quiet location. We wanted him to take in the world around him supported by his Greyhound friends so he didn’t find it too overwhelming.
He really enjoyed himself and quickly bonded with his Volunteer Barbara. Next time we will take him somewhere a little busier and introduce him to some steady dogs of different breeds.
Mac is a lovely, happy affectionate boy but at the moment we do feel he would benefit from an experienced owner or someone who would be happy to work with Mac to overcome his over reaction to other breeds and show him the difference between a hare and a small dog. He will be so worth the effort he is a lovely dog.

All greyhounds are neutered, have had their teeth cleaned and are inoculated. They each leave us with a collar and lead, muzzle and their worming and flea treatments up to date. They are all microchipped, details are transferred to the new owner. They also have four weeks free insurance.