Matty certainly is living up to his racing name, Teddy Bear Matty, he loves his cuddles, and was very happy with attention from young humans as we were getting to know him. He walks well and is quite a calm boy. He was born on 24th September, 2015.

Update 20/3/20 Matty had a trip around the village and to the local garden centre, cafe and animal feed suppliers. He is still amazed at the sight of ‘non greyhounds’ but has been spending weekends with his favoutite Volunteer and is definitely getting better. He is not in the least bit aggressive towards them he is just overcome with a mixture of fear and excitement, he really wants to make friends with them but isn’t quite sure how to go about it. He is booked to go to some socialisation classes where we believe he will flourish.

Update 27/03/20 Like many of us Matty’s favourite Volunteer Fiona has been asked to work from home. That turned out to be a good thing for Matty because instead of just a sleepover Matty now has an extended holiday with Fiona. She will learn lots about Matty while he is there and that will help no end when it comes to matching him with his forever family. Please see Fiona’s report on Matty below his photograpghs.

Update 29/9 – Matty joined us for a walk at Hollesley – he was very keen to work out what the funny shaped dogs were, and obviously wanted to be in front of the walk, but he eventually calmed down and enjoyed his trip to the pub afterwards.

Matty with his Volunteer at the local playing field
Matty on a sleepover at his Volunteers house

Matty has made friends with his Trainers dog Darcy

Update 10/05/20 Matty has been staying with his Volunteer Fiona during the lock down period. Fiona has learnt a lot about Matty and she has sent us a typical day in the life of Matty under lock down.

Upon rising early in the morning, I like to have lots of fuss and cuddles for at LEAST 10 minutes and probably more (I’ll let you know). Then, I am keen to get out and stretch my legs with a fast walk or even a jog if you are up to it; stopping of course to ‘do my business’ along the way as I’m not keen on doing either in my own garden (I have standards to uphold).

After half an hour or so, I am happy to return home for a quick drink and then go to my bed and snooze to recover in readiness for breakfast.  I tend to graze throughout the day instead of scoffing it all down.

Regularly throughout the day I like to make sure I know where you are and what you are doing, making sure I am not missing out on my favourite snacks. I also check the perimeter of the house, and of course have lots more cuddles and fuss. I’m not so keen on surprise visitors and I ask for your reassurance for postie, binmen, delivery drivers etc,

I am happy to settle down keeping an eye on you and wonder around the garden until my next meal break. Unfortunately, I don’t quite understand this play ball thing that you try to teach me, however, I do like a game of chase as I ALWAYS WIN!

If I get bored in the afternoon, I may want to go for my second walk early. This can sometimes cause problems due to the number of humans with other animals invading my space. I can get quite worked up and upset especially if they come towards me from all directions. I prefer to see them well ahead of their ETA so that my walker can divert us in another direction or give them a VERY wide berth. I am quietly confident that after this ‘lockdown’ I can become socialised, because I am an inquisitive, fun and energetic boy. I’m particularly liking going to the allotment as I can see through the fence, do my own thing and occasionally help firm green things into the ground and stir up the manure for you.

I can’t be left alone for long. If I can’t see you (I don’t DO stairs – what with these legs? but I do sleep downstairs on my own).  I may have to confiscate some of your belongings, and heads up that if you focus more on that mobile phone than me … I’ll take that too!

Type of relationship sought: Either a home where you are around most of the day,  I like to know where you are, so when you disappear, I tend to whimper and whine a bit, but I am a good boy at night so you don’t have to sleep with me unless you want to of course.


Type of environment sought: Ideally a BIG garden to entertain me and run around in as I am still fast with oodles of energy, maybe somewhere not too urban with lots of other neighbouring dogs or cats.

Likes: Running at full speed in a safe place!Lots of walks in the countryside where I can explore without interruption of other traffic.At home,  space to stretch out, a couple of bedding options so I can snuggle if I want to along with a few toys to rest my head on while I snooze. As much love and affection that you can cram into a single day.

My favourite foods are sardines on my meals, whereas cubes of pate and med cooked steak make my teeth chatter with anticipation. I’m a connoisseur when it comes to my meals as I like to lick my food up, I am quite partial to pigs ears too.

Dislikes: Cats, and at present I worry about non-greyhound dogs especially light-coloured fluffy ones and those off lead (I hope to work on this at training classes when resumed post lockdown). Surprise visitors make me nervous and takes a while to accept the situation but once I get to know you, I am happy to see you again

What I can offer: I’m cute, cuddly, and very handsome. I am good company, I travel well, can keep your exercise quota on target, and I’ll always be there to greet you enthusiastically. I don’t take over your sofa or bed if I have my own comfy space. Just by looking at me, I can make you go all ‘mushy’ inside.

What else you need to know: Re-programming my behaviour may take a little longer as I am not treat orientated.  I will be going to classes after the lock down

I may be a smidge high maintenance at the moment, but I’m worth it!

Update 27/07/20 Matty has had a brief spell in a home. However his aversion to other dogs and the fact he lived in an area with narrow paths and a lot of other dogs meant he had to come back to kennels. Ideally Matty would be best suited to a home in a quiet location where he is unlikely to become overwhelmed by the presence of lots of other dogs. He would also like to be with you for most of the time. Now Matty is back we have organised one to one training for him. We know that however long it takes the right home is out there for Matty. Until then he will be loved and cherished by all at kennels and especially by his favourite Volunteer Fiona.

Update 23/09/20 Since our last update Matty has been having further one to one training sessions and has become great friends with the Trainers retriever. He has had many sleepovers at Fiona’s house and we are hopeful that he will continue to improve around small dogs. Matty would love a home where there are not too many other dogs for him to encounter on his daily walks but where he can be slowly and calmly introduced to any that he does meet. Matty would also like to be in a home where someone is around all of the time to start with until he builds enough confidence to be left on his own.

Update 24/09/20 Matty had a wonderful surprise today. It is his 5th birthday and his Volunteer Fiona took him for a quiet countryside walk and treated him to a steak and chicken lunch.

Matty on his 5th birthday

All greyhounds are neutered, have had their teeth cleaned and are inoculated. They each leave us with a collar and lead, muzzle and their worming and flea treatments up to date. They are all microchipped, details are transferred to the new owner. They also have four weeks free insurance.