Jimmy and Ralph

We have had an update on Jimmy (Wildfire Jimmy). Jimmy was such a shy lad who when he first went home he camped out in the downstairs toilet.
Well with the help of his family and best friend and house mate Ralph he is like a completely different dog.
He is such a popular lad in his village and he is happy to greet everyone now when he is out walking.
As you can see from his photo he has discovered the comforts of the sitting room and a nice toasty log burner. No more beds in the toilet for him these days. Oh and he thinks Ralph make a marvelous pillow.


Good news for Dolly (Some Dolly) who was returned in sad circumstances on Friday. By Saturday she had gone home with the spectacularly Fick Eric (Droopys Dart) and his family.Eric and his family have all been so sad after loosing their beloved Arthur. Let’s all hope it is mended hearts all round.Good luck Dolly, Eric has chosen well so maybe he is brighter than we think! We do love you so Eric. x

Dolly in the Red coat with Eric

Major Goes Home

Great news for Major (Rummy Major). Major went to his forever home on Saturday.Major was a shy lad when he arrived at kennels but once he got used to us his happy little personality soon shone through.He has got off to a shy start in his home but he has a very understanding family who moved his lovely new things to the space in the house that Major had chosen for himself. He has been a good boy on his walks and is having lots of fuss and is doing lots of snoozing.Thank you to Majors family for understanding his initial shyness we are sure he will soon be showing you his cheeky side.


Good news from Evie (Evening Free). She is settling in really well and this is what her family say about her.”She loves to play and her favorite toy is her raccoon, she eats really well and loves sardines. She loves to go out on a walk and is generally really well behaved and walks beautifully unless she sees a little white fluffy dog or a cat. We are really starting to see her personality now she is clever, sassy and very loving but can be a little thief and loves to steal trainers, vacuum attachments or the tv remote! She has well and truly stolen our hearts “Great stuff.


We have had news of Donald (Swift Impeach). His family say “Donald has been with us 2 and a half. months now and has settled in wonderfully, his little personality is still slowly coming out. He loves his country walks and frequent naps by the fire, on the sofa, on the bed and by my feet while I’m working”You have done so well Donald after a rather shy start. Well done sweetheart, so pleased you are happy xx

Update from Harry Brown

We have an update from Harry’s family.
He is growing in confidence and is now enjoying his walks
His family say.
“He is a total softie, very loving and he loves to play and organise his bed !  
We have had him about 10 months now and just love him to bits”
As do we, well done HB.

Update on Robbie

Good luck to Robbie (Droopy’s Firmino).
Following our appeal Robbie has found a new home. Thank you to everyone who shared his post or wished him well.Robbie is loved by so many people, not just us at kennels but those from his racing kennel, his other families, his foster carers who have done such a fantastic job looking after him and all of the Greyhounds and their owners who he has made friends with during his time in foster care and who have helped him on his journey to his new home.
We all wish you well sweetheart, be happy.xxx

Birdie makes friends

It was Birdie’s (Swithins Bird) turn to meet Lottie the Lurcher and Sam the Lab today. Both meetings went extremely well and we were able to remove Birdie’s muzzle. We know Birdie really well because he spent part of his racing career at Dillymore and were confident he wouldn’t be overwhelmed at the sight of ‘non Greyhounds’ But Rabbits now that is a different matter! He and Lottie were soon on the trail of them and ended up investigating the burrows. Sam wasn’t in the least bit interested in them, he much preferred to look at his Mum for good boy treats.

Homing Updates

We have had updates from three of our lovely homed hounds.
Luka (Drumcrow Sherpa) made a New Years resolution to spend more time with his family in the sitting room. This shy lad had been spending most of his time upstairs except for play time and meal times. Well done to Luka’s family, your patience and kindness have paid off. He just needs to learn it’s ok to do wee wees on a walk now!
Danny (Listen Danny) Who was a terribly shy lad is now letting his cheeky personality shine through. He is turning into a Magpie, hoarding all manner of things in his bed. Everything from socks to remote controls. His family say they are totally in love with him.
Rumble (Romeo Rumble) Has learnt to go up and down stairs and takes ownership of the bed for his daytime snooze. He is great out on walks when he meets other dogs. His family say taking him home was the best thing they ever did.

A Major Step Forward

When Major arrived just a couple of weeks ago he was a shy lad who took his lead from his then kennel mate Evie. Over the next few days he came out of his shell and was happy to greet you at the front of the kennel. We were a little worried for him when his friend Evie went to her forever home but we needn’t have been, he has come on leaps and bounds and spent a lovely afternoon with Lottie the Lurcher yesterday. They had great fun in the paddocks together and exploring the grounds, paying particular attention to the rabbit warrens!