Born in April 2017, Robbie (Racing name Droopys Firmino) comes across as a shy lad when you first meet him but he is easily won over with treats!

Update 04/01/21
We are looking for a nice quiet adult only home for Robbie (Racing name Droopys Firmino). Robbie has been with us for a while having been returned twice from two loving and caring families because he was finding busy family life overwhelming.
Since being returned Robbie has been cared for by our Volunteer foster family in their own home. They have been taking Robbie out and about with them (as much as current restrictions allow) getting him used to the car, traffic and busy spaces.
Here are their observations regarding Robbie:
• He soon got used to the car and settles down very quickly, but for obvious reasons we have only done short journeys.
• He likes being out in the garden and has spent some time in the greenhouse, having learned it’s a bit warmer in there.
• He enjoys having a fuss made of him, but rarely seeks affection. We make the approach to him.
• He loves the sofa, but also uses his bed on the floor.
• His love of food makes it easy to train him by using treats. He is extremely gentle and has never snatched food.
• He is quite playful and enjoys throwing soft toys around the room.
• Given the opportunity, he has taken things he shouldn’t. If I leave the downstairs loo door open he will go in there and snaffle the spare toilet roll, for example. However, as soon as we realise he has got something he shouldn’t, we take it off him and there is never a fuss, growl or grumble.
• Not necessarily a positive, but he hasn’t bothered about trying to get up the stairs.
• He is a quick learner.
In addition to the above Robbie has met various breeds of dog and has behaved well around them, tending to stay close to his foster family. When he first went home, he would wake up very early for a toilet break but he is getting up later everyday now.
Robbie really is the sweetest dog. If you think you could offer him a home please get in touch.
Our thanks go to Robbie’s foster family and to retired Greyhounds Flossy, Arthur, Gangster, May and Tony who along with their families have been helping Robbie on this journey.

All greyhounds are neutered, have had their teeth cleaned and are inoculated. They each leave us with a collar and lead, muzzle and their worming and flea treatments up to date. They are all microchipped, details are transferred to the new owner. They also have four weeks free insurance.