Good luck T.J and Vera Alice

It’s been an exciting morning at kennels!

T.J had the surprise of his life when he was unexpectedly chosen and taken home.

Breeze who seems to have waited forever for his home was reserved and will be going home next week

Vera Alice went home with her forever family

Butch had a visit from his new family and will be going home shortly.

Last but by no means least Sky will be meeting her prospective family for a second time next Saturday.

Good luck T.J. and Vera Alice in your new homes and fingers crossed Sky’s second visit goes well.

Little Mo’s Progress

We have had a lovely update from little Mo’s family.

You may remember Mo was featured in the Homer magazine because she had to overcome great shyness and was a nervous wreck when she arrived at Dillymore.

What a difference 12 months with a loving, caring and patient family has made to this little girl.

Her family now say she has come such a long way and although still wary in some situations she loves a fuss and her personality is really shining through, in fact she is a little rascal when the mood takes her but they love her all the more for it.

Understandably many would have overlooked little Mo, she didn’t exactly show well but thankfully her family saw beyond that shy, scared, exterior, in fact they wouldn’t even consider another dog and we will be forever grateful to them for that.

Below are some photos of Mo and her best friend Beano who has played no small part in building Mo’s confidence.

Blossom at Home

We have had news of Blossom who went to live with the lovely Buick.

They are getting on very well and Blossom has really settled in. She is good on her lead, great with other dogs and loves her food!

She is however an early riser! We will blame her kennel family for that, they start their days very early. We are sure Blossom will learn how to have a lay in very soon, we all know they love their sleep!

Well Done

Well done to Arthur (Bocko’s Arthur) and Jessica (Rackethall Jess) for passing their beginners course at Felixstowe Dog Training Club and to Archie with no racing name for earning a well done rosette for learning the down command and for not shouting for attention at Freston Dog Training Club.

Barney goes home

Here is the gorgeous Barney (Nightingale Don) going off to his forever home earlier this week. Good luck sweetheart we will miss having cuddles with you but are so happy you will have a sofa to call your own. xxx

Zola and Max

Four days in their forever home and Zola and Max are feeling at home already.Here is what their family say about them
“Four days in and they have settled really well. Their different characters are really starting to show and apart from the laminate flooring being very scary to start with they have now faced their fears and made the house their own. Apart from the loss of a trainer and some midnight snacking they settled at night straight away”.
So happy for these lovely brothers and pleased they didn’t have to wait too long before someone came along wanting a pair because we could never have separated them.

Listen Danny. A Heart Warming Tale

We have had some lovely news regarding Listen Danny. This lad was shy beyond belief when he went off to his forever home in late 2020. But with the help of his 3 adopted Sisters, two of whom have sadly crossed the bridge and the love and understanding of his family his cheeky little personality has come shining through.
Here is what they say about him.
“The study is no longer a hiding place but a storage space for our shoes when we so carelessly leave them under the hall table or on the shoe rack. Millie has been giving him instruction on how to play with toys and it is a pleasure to see them tossing them about together. They are also enjoying a chase in the garden despite the weather (Millie not quite so old and crocked as she was billed!!) What is really lovely is the face at the window accompanied by loud squeaking as we come home and the frequent coming to us for fuss, particularly ear rubs”.
What a lovely story.
Thank you to Danny’s family, it’s not always plain sailing when the dogs go to their forever homes, some take longer than others to settle but they have given Danny the time he needed to truly be himself.

Oh Hurricane

It may be a rainy, miserable day today but nothing could dampen Higgins (Oh Hurricane) spirits on this, his going home day.
He was so excited to see his family when they came to collect him. He has come to know them quite well because they have visited him a few times.
He went with much love from us all, some chunks of beef from his Auntie Linda and his packed lunch.
Good luck Higgy Wiggy we hope to see you again soon.xx