News of Devon

We have had news of Devon Blackie who recently went home with Saving Mullpark (Mollie)
Devon is a happy, playful little boy; and after a few toilet accidents has settled well. Mollie is being an excellent and patient big sister to her annoying little brother, showing him the ropes of home life and keeping him in check every now and again!
Both have recently attended their first cricket games (something that we as a family do a lot of!), and were superstars, enjoying the opportunity to sunbathe and to be fussed by lots of new friends.

Good Luck Guys

Last Saturday we said fond farewells to Ozzy (Swan Style), Gregory (Going Forward) and Big John (Seaglass Tiger). Good luck to these three lovely boys. We wish them well and send them on their way with bucketfuls of love from us all. It was Biscuits (Swift Biscuit) turn to go home on Sunday.


Neville and George

We have had news of Insane Rambo (Neville) and Insane Brain cell (George). They have been in their home for just over a year now and are really enjoying life to the full.
Lovely to hear from these two little monkeys.

Lucia finds another home

Great news for Lucia (Burgess Lucia). After being returned due to sad family circumstances Lucia has found happiness again.She has gone to live with two lovely Whippets. We are all so pleased for her.Thank you to our two Volunteers who have fostered Lucia while she waited for a new home. They are also looking after Robbie (Droopy’s Firmino) so if you are looking for another dog to go with your existing one Robbie could be your man.

Cally Goes Home

Today we wished Cally (Mays Calipto) a fond farewell. He has gone to live with the lovely brindle girl Hannah.We didn’t have him for long but long enough for us to fall in love with him.

Whizz aka Lucas

Great news from Whizz aka Lucas (Whizzy Gunner). He is settling into his new home already and has discovered the delights of the wood burner, he has been stretched out in front of it snoozing. Bless him. We are so happy for this sweet natured boy and we wish him all the very best.

Roger Goes Home

A sunny day and a sunny future for Roger (Coolleagh Recruit) as he joins his forever family.We wish this happy and larger than life character all the luck in the world and we send him on his way with much love from us all.As you can see from his photo he is making himself at home already bless him, the photo was taken less than an hour after him leaving kennels.

Homing News

It was a great morning at kennels because Mullpark (Saving Mullpark), Kathy (Kathy’s Song) and Birdie (Swithins Bird) all went off to their forever homes.Good luck and much love to all three of these little Sweethearts.Jose, Lily, Toby and Martha also visited for their pedicures. It was lovely to see them all.

Jimmy and Ralph

We have had an update on Jimmy (Wildfire Jimmy). Jimmy was such a shy lad who when he first went home he camped out in the downstairs toilet.
Well with the help of his family and best friend and house mate Ralph he is like a completely different dog.
He is such a popular lad in his village and he is happy to greet everyone now when he is out walking.
As you can see from his photo he has discovered the comforts of the sitting room and a nice toasty log burner. No more beds in the toilet for him these days. Oh and he thinks Ralph make a marvelous pillow.