Great news. Nicola (Oh Cosmopolitan) has been reunited with her brother Slamma (Oh Alabamaslamma).
She went home with him on Saturday. Such lovely news as they had been kenneled together when they were both racing.
Both have very regal names.Nicola will be Anput and Slamma is Anubus .
Good luck little Nicola, affectionately known at kennels as the little pocket rocket. We couldn’t be more pleased for you and Slamma.
Be happy sweetheart, you will be missed xx

Mummy Cuddles

We just love this photo of Dodger (Brown Eyed Boy) having cuddles with his Mum which is his favourite thing to do after his evening walk. Bless him we are not sure who is smiling the most!

Jono and Armani

Just loving these photos of Armani (oh Armani) and Jono (Romeo Top Gun). Especially the one where Jono decides to surround himself with almost the entire contents of the toy box! As Sue says why I have one toy when you can have 20.

Jono has settled so well with Sue and Armani it’s as if he has always been there. Just what we like to hear.

Dodger Has A Friend

Dodger (Brown Eyed Boy) has some exciting news. He has a new friend and house mate, Buster.

Dodger has been in his home for nearly 3 months now and has settled in beautifully.

Thank you to Dodgers family for the update, we love to see photos of our homed hounds.

Dodger and Buster hope to join us on one of our monthly walks as soon as Buster has settled in.

Good Luck Billy

Good luck to Billy (Sehnsa jet) who went off to his forever home today. Such a little sweetie who even though he will be missed at kennels we were so pleased to see him embark on the next stage of his life.

Be happy sweetheart and as always we love to hear how our homed hounds are getting on so do stay in touch.xx

Good Luck Clyde

Good news for Clyde (Turn and Burn). He has gone off to his forever home.

Clyde is going to live with a Lurcher who was so sad after the family’s old Greyhound crossed the bridge.

Clyde’s happy go lucky personality will soon lift everyone’s spirits.

Good luck Clyde, you go with much love from us all xx


Good news for Maxi (Donegal Maxi) she went off to her forever home at the weekend.

We didn’t have you here at kennels for long sweetheart, just long enough to know we will miss you.Be happy little girl.xx

Harry Goes Home

We are pleased to be able to post good news today after the sad posts of yesterday.

Harry (Romeo Hanzo) has gone to his forever home.

Dear, sweet, shy little Harry we know you will bring joy to your family. Be happy sweetheart xx