Wonder at Home

We have had news of Wonder (Balinvana Wonder)She is now called Wendy has settled in well and has made friends with her house mate Bouncer who is looking after her and is showing her the ropes.
She has discovered stairs but only how to climb up and not down, bless her she had to be carried back down in a blanket! She has also realised just how beautiful she is having discovered a mirror she spends ages admiring her image.

Mover moves on

We are so pleased to tell you that following the heartbreak of loosing their beloved Julie (Liberal Julie) Julie’s family have been to kennels today with Beano (Burgess Beano) and taken home Mover (Kingsmill Mover).
Beano was so lost without Julie.
Mover is probably one of the sweetest but most shy little dogs we have ever known but Beano and family liked her and she liked them.
Thank you Beano and family for seeing beyond Mover’s shy start and giving her the lovely home she so richly deserves and in which we know she can thrive.

Des and Rumble reunited

Brothers Romeo Desperado (Black) and Romeo Rumble were reunited at kennels this morning. They are half bothers sharing the same mummy Fabulous Pin. Both boys got along well. Des was off to spend the weekend with his best friend Ness and Rumble had popped in for a pedicure and some food.

Brian (War Admiral)

We have had news of recently homed Brian. This is what his family have said about him.
Here is Brian’s report after almost a week-> I have never seen a greyhound settle down so quickly as Brian. We all love him and he’s such a friendly soul. And what a character… so confident, he loves playing with his toys and sometimes taking things that are not his (my shoes and my wife’s dressing gown) on to his bed. He is very smart and is a bit of a copy-cat when watching our other greyhound Lily go about. He can be quite vocal and had something to say when the window cleaner visited today, all part of his character. Brian enjoys his walks, treats and cuddles. On Sunday evening, he down laid in front of the oven to keep a close eye on the chicken. I would say that kitchen is definitely his favourite place, especially the fridge. Finally, we couldn’t ask for more in a hound, he’s absolutely brilliant and a great brother to Lily.
So pleased to hear Brian has settled in so well.

News of Whizzy Bling

We have had news of the beautiful Whizzy Bling. She has taken to home life really well and has made friends with a lovely little Westie. Thank you to Bling’s family for the photos, please stay in touch from time to time we love to see how are homed hounds are getting on and we are guessing it’s a tad too far for you to join us for our monthly walks!

Brief Encounter

Well that was a brief encounter!Bee (Racing name Forest Bee) arrived at 10am was reserved at 12 noon and went home at 2pm!She appears to have settled well in the first few hours in her new home. She has been walking with her new cousins, has slept through the night, found the sofa and her family are head over heels in love with her already.

Home Time

Great news for Whizzy Bling and War Admiral (Brian) today. Both went off to their forever homes.
Bling is going to have some wonderful times walking on the moors around Manchester and Brian has an important role to fulfill helping to mend Lily’s heart after her beloved soul mate Lester crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

Secret and Jet go home

Great weekend for Whizzy Secret and Blackhill Jet. Both went to their forever homes this weekend. They went with much love from us all and we look forward to updates on both.

News of Devon

We have had news of Devon Blackie who recently went home with Saving Mullpark (Mollie)
Devon is a happy, playful little boy; and after a few toilet accidents has settled well. Mollie is being an excellent and patient big sister to her annoying little brother, showing him the ropes of home life and keeping him in check every now and again!
Both have recently attended their first cricket games (something that we as a family do a lot of!), and were superstars, enjoying the opportunity to sunbathe and to be fussed by lots of new friends.

Good Luck Guys

Last Saturday we said fond farewells to Ozzy (Swan Style), Gregory (Going Forward) and Big John (Seaglass Tiger). Good luck to these three lovely boys. We wish them well and send them on their way with bucketfuls of love from us all. It was Biscuits (Swift Biscuit) turn to go home on Sunday.